Mango chia seeds pudding | Vegan pudding | Mango recipe

mango chia seeds pudding

Mango chia seeds pudding is a vegan pudding made with coconut milk, chia seeds & mango pulp.This is my first vegan dessert and last mango recipe of the year.I mostly prefer/use milk in my dessert since my kids were fond of the coconut flavor in desserts.A packet of chia seeds was left unnoticed for a long time and want to use it soon.If you don't have this chia seeds you can also use sabja seeds which will be used in falooda.Making this dessert it so easily the only time consuming one is the time needed for the seeds to soak in coconut milk otherwise it will be
ready in few minutes.

vegan pudding

One small variation ,for kids just pour the pudding into popsicle mould,freeze and give them.I'm damn sure they will love it.

Preparation time :5 mins


  • Mango -1
  • Coconut milk- 1 cup
  • chia seeds-1 tbsp
  • sugar - to taste


1.In a bowl add in coconut milk,sugar and chia seeds.Mix well and keep aside for some time for the seed to absorb the milk and become jelly-like.

Mango chia seeds pudding | Vegan pudding  | Mango recipe

2.Meanwhile peel the mango and make a puree of it.(dont add water).

3.To the serving glass layer a bloomed chia seeds- coconut milk mixture and them with mango pulp and so on.Top with some pieces.

4.Chill in refrigerator for sometime and serve.

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