Vegetable Kara Panniyaram | Breakfast/ Dinner Recipe

When its panniyaram, I always make sweet one for snacks ( may be because of my sweet tooth).My daughter always insist me to make kara/savory.Very rare I make kara panniyaram by mixing residual idli batter with avaliable flours in my pantry.One day when I want to make a different dinner apart from roti/rice I made this panniyaram with my left over millet dough along with fresh vegetables.Here I have used the vegetable as such but if you prefer you can slightly saute them in oil and add it to the batter.

kara panniyaram


  • Left over idli/dosa batter( here I have used millet batter)
  • Onion-1 ,finely chopped
  • carrot & beans,chopped-1\2 cup
  • Salt to taste
  • Cooking soda-1\4 tsp
  • oil


1.Chop onion and vegetables finely.

2.To the batter add chopped vegetables,salt,cooking soda and mix well.

3.Heat panniyaram pan with little oil.Pour a ladle of the batter in each hole.Wait for it to cook.

4.When done roll the other side and cook.

Serve hot with your favourite chutney.We had it with tomato-onion chutney.


1.You can use any left over batter.

2.Add vegetables of your choice.I used it as such.You can also saute in oil and add to the batter.

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