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Healthy, health, fit, strong, are some common word we quite hear often either by our family or friends, in media, books, and papers.We can see people have become more health conscious nowadays.If you get time to go out in early hours you can see a huge number of people go for walking around parks, roads and in beaches.The most common reason is their work.Many people works go for prolonged hours sitting at a desk or at a fixed place and hence they restrict their food steps.

Many people go for gyms now to remain fit and healthy and a gym in every road corner remains as a proof for it.Even after spending huge money in it many don’t get satisfied in it and quit in between losing the money paid.

Here I share few simple method we can do to stay fit, strong and healthy without much effort and money.

Food plays a vital role when in comes for fitness.Healthy, balanced food rich in all nutrients is essential for our body.Now a days we hear many dieting as paleo diet, warrior diet, vegan diet and so many countless diet names.I wonder is it really needed to follow a diet to be fit? My answer would be a definite no.Do our forefathers and ancestors follow these diet. They ate all food yet remained fit, strong and healthy.So please don’t follow any diet or such.Eat a complete balanced food which has carbohydrates, fats, minerals, iron and all.A small amount of fat is  need by body so please don’t forget to have a small quantity of it.Also see that the food is prepared in a healthy and clean way.Cooking oil plays a vital role when healthy phrase strikes.Use good oil that have high boiling point and less in unsaturated fatty oils.

If you job involves long hours of sitting please take break and walk about every half an hour.Keep your essential thing like water a little further so that you can walk a bit to get it.
Avoid lift either in your house or office one time a day and use the staircase.

When your kids in home try play with not by sitting a place but a game which involves running around like catching the ball, hide & seek, skipping which has some physical activity.

Avoid seeing TV for long time sitting in a place.If you have a terrace go up and do walking there if you don’t have time to go out for walking.

Avoid eating more of deep fried and  junk foods.Try to do your household chores if you are  home maker which will help to lose some calories or at least some works.

I am joining Saffola #ApneTareekeSeHealthy initiative and sharing my ways of being healthy in association with BlogAdda.

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