White Pumpkin Juice | Vellai Posankai Juice | Weight Loss Juice

White Pumpkin Juice | Vellai Posankai Juice

White pumpkin / vellai posankai is a watery vegetable which can be made into a variety of recipes both sweet, gravy, fibressalad, etc.This juice is one such way of having it.This is prepared with freshly with the cubed vegetable and spices.Since this vegetable is low in calories but rich in fibers and other nutrients make it an ideal vegetable for weight watchers.

White Pumpkin Juice | Vellai Posankai Juice

Make sure you always make this juice fresh and drink.Discard if any remaining juice or drink it doesn't ever refrigerate it for later use.In this, I have only used ginger and salt.There is numerous method you can prepare this juice, like adding either mint, green chilly, butter milk, cucumber, or a mix of two while blending it.


  • White pumpkin/Ash gloud
  • Ginger, chopped-1 tsp
  • Water- 1\2 cup
  • Salt to taste
White Pumpkin Juice | Vellai Posankai Juice


1.Peel the outer thick skin and inner seed part from the vegetable.Chop the remaining into fine cubes.

2.In a mixer add chopped pieces,ginger,water and salt.Blend it well.

3.Pass it thorugh a fine strainer and strain it.

4.Pour into glass and serve immediately.

White Pumpkin Juice | Vellai Posankai Juice


1.Can add green chilly or mint while blending.
2.Lemon juice can be squeezed while serving.
3.Can dilute the drink with some butter milk and serve.

White Pumpkin Juice | Vellai Posankai Juice


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