Dry Gulab Jamun | Easy Diwali Sweet

Dry Gulab Jamun | Easy Diwali Sweet

Dry gulab jamun is nothing but the ordinary gulab jamun served dried without the sugar syrup.We have mostly seen this dessert served with syrup and mostly everyone prefer that liquidy jamun.In a cooking show, they telecasted this jamun recipe and I decided to make for this year Diwali cooking.On searching, I found the gulab jamun can be either roll over desiccated coconut or sugar but in television, they said to roll over sugar.So whatever you prefer to go for it.

You can make this gulab jamun in nay method wither with khoya, sweet potato, bread, milk powder or with instant gulab jamun mix.Here I have ready-mix to make the jamun.

Dry Gulab Jamun | Easy Diwali Sweet

  • Gulab jamun ready mix - 1 packet
  • Sugar-3\4 cup
  • Water 1\2 cup
  • Oil to deep fry
  • Cardamon, crushed-few
  • Rose essence-1\2 tsp
  • Desiccated coconut or sugar for coating

Dry Gulab Jamun | Easy Diwali Sweet


1.Empty Jamun mix packet into bowl.Add water and make a soft dough.Don't knead the dough too much as it will yield hard Jamun.

2.Make small balls of it.Fry it in medium flame on hot oil.when done drain from oil and keep ready.

3.Prepare sugar syrup with 3\4 cup sugar &1\2 cup water.Add in crushed cardamom.when it reaches the sticky stage.Switch off and add rose essence.

4.When the syrup has cooled little add the fried Jamun init and allow it to absorb the syrup.Keep for 1-2 hours.

5.Then take the absorbed jamun from sugar syrup and roll over desiccated coconut or sugar or a mix of both.

Dry gulag jamun is ready.
Dry Gulab Jamun | Easy Diwali Sweet

Check my gulab jamun post with milk powder for more detailed steps & video.


1.You can make gulab jamun by any method.

2.Can use either sugar or desiccated coconut for rolling over it.

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