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North Indain thali recipes menu.My long term wish got fulfilled yesterday, yes I made a thali meal for lunch .It comprise of one dry sabji,one gravy,rice, roti,dessert and curd.Since saturday was my daughter's birthday we had non-veg recipes for both lunch and dinner.So for a change I made full veggie platter yesterday.

Sunday means our lunch menu would be mostly chicken ,beef or mutton and sometimes it would be prawns.For a change from our routine menu this veggie platter was heavenly to our  tingling tongue.We relished eaach and every recipe in it.It took me a total of one and half an hour to cook the complete platter.Let me share with you how I did it.

First I start with kneading dough for the roti and kept aside.Then I boiled milk,seperated panner from it, kneaded,rolled out and made the dessert,rasgulla.Meanwhile I pressure cooked the baby potatoes.Side by I chopped all veggies for dun aloo and kadai paneer.THen I made jeera pulao in pan itself .Since it just take less time I did it in pan.When the rice was cooking I peeled the baby potatoes.
Grinding the masala for dum aloo, first  I made kadai paneer then I did dum aloo.When the aloo was done lastly I rolled roti and made it.

 All the above recipes are in my blog .Check each one of it for detailed step by step pictures.

Hope this will help you and if you have any doubts do write in comments and I would clarify it.
Happy cooking.


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