Fresh Green Peas Soup | Winter Recipe

Markets are loaded with a variety of winter vegetables and these fresh green peas are one among it.When I saw it I bought it with no second thought as I was having an idea to make soup with it.When I made this soup both my children enjoyed it to the core and we almost felt filling with it.Do try this when you get chance to grab some.

Quinoa Pancake | Quinoa Flour Sweet Pancake | Breakfast Recipe

Super easy,healthy,tasty pancake with quinoa in jiffy.Pancake is somewhat similar to south Indian uttappam( thick dosa).This is an eggless pancake which is made with mix of quinoa and flour.Making this pancake is quite easy just mix all the ingredients and make the pancake.

Candid Orange Peel | DIY Candid Orange Peel

Candid orange and easy DIY which can be made at home.Instead of spending much to buy it you can make your own batch and use it in your baking product.The one important thing to be noted is one need to scrap the inner white part inside the peel if not it may taste bitter.So try to scrap it as much as you can else cook for some time them try taking the white part.

Lamington Recipe | Australian Lamington Cake | Stey by Step Pictures

Lamington  Recipe | Australian Lamington Cake | Stey by Step Pictures

Lamington is an Australian cake, which is nothing but squares of vanilla cake coated with a layer of chocolate and rolled over desiccated coconut.With a bite, one can experience bursts of flavors like vanilla, chocolate & coconut.Here I have made a simple eggless sponge cake but you can make the basic cake with egg or eggless.I used the dark compound for the chocolate coating and store-bought desiccated coconut.

Raw Banana Fry | Vazhakai Roast | Video Recipe

Raw Banana/Vazhakai is one vegetable that mostly takes the form of this roast in my kitchen.At times when lemon rice was on the menu, I sometimes pair it up with this roast which makes a perfect combo. This is not a deep fried version just with a tbsp of oil you can make this roast.

Squid / Kanavaa Masala | Squid Recipes | Video Recipe

If you are a seafood lover then I am sure you will love this spicy squid masala too.The main thing involved the cleaning of the squids, please clean it well remove all dark tint and bone inside.If you didn't clean it well it may cause stomach upset.

Choc- Dates Loaf | Eggless Choc Dates Cake

My kids refuse to eat dates so I mostly iadd it in my baking and give them.When I recently got some as a gift from my sister I was thinking was to make it and end up making this choc dates cake.Make sure you finish it in 2-3 days else the cake make get spoiled due to dates in it.As mine got bad and I have to trash it.Else keep it refrigerated for longer use.