Candid Orange Peel | DIY Candid Orange Peel

Candid orange and easy DIY which can be made at home.Instead of spending much to buy it you can make your own batch and use it in your baking product.The one important thing to be noted is one need to scrap the inner white part inside the peel if not it may taste bitter.So try to scrap it as much as you can else cook for some time them try taking the white part.


Orange peel from 1 orange
Sugar-1\4 cup + 1 tbsp

Quick video of it


1.Clean the peel well.Scrap out inner white part.Cook the scraped pieces in water till done.

2.Drain and cut into strips.

3.Add sugar and water, boil it.Add the striped pieces and allow it to cook till it becomes translucent.

4.Take the pieces and dry it.After little drying roll them in sugar and allow it to dry well.

Store in clean dry container.

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