Senai Kilangu Puli Kuzhambu | Yam in Tamarind Sauce

Yam puli kuzhambu video recipe. Although fish curry is mandatory in our daily food I feel bored many times daily eating fish. I such days I make puli/tamarind curry with any vegetable I have and fry the fish to go with it.Here I have made it without using coconut but you if making for many people you can grind some coconut and add to it.

Tempered Tapioca | Kappa Thalichathu

I love tapioca/kappa very much.Whatever the form I can have it all day for three meals.Back in my native, we get a very good variety which has a different taste that of those we get here in Chennai.Some years back when we went to Kerala for a short trip we got some stem from my hubby's friend house and I planted it in sac on our terrace which yielded some amount of kappa.This December also I got some stem and have planted it.Good thing is that it has sprouted and new leaves have started shooting up.Will post pictures later.

Chikungunya and Dengue – Causes, Symptoms and Prevention

The hot and humid tropical countries have always been a hotbed for various viral
diseases. The names Chikungunya and Dengue have become synonymous with
epidemics in these regions.

Avaram Poo Tea &Health Benefits | Tanner's Cassia tea

Avaram Poo Tea &Health Benefits | Tanner's Cassia tea

Avaram Poo, called Tanner's Cassia in English, avarike in Kannada, tamgedu in Telugu, commonly found in dry regions of India and Srilanka.This tea is full of antioxidants.While browsing I learned that in the olden days, when people walked for a long distance under the hot sun, they used to carry a bundle of avarampoo (Tanner's - Cassia in English) on their heads to keep their body cool and prevent the body from getting dehydrated. If even keeping the flowers on the head prevents dehydration, just imagine how hydrated the body will be when you take it internally. 

Ragda Patties | North Indian Chaat Recipe

Ragda Patties | North Indian Chaat Recipe

Ragda patties in step by step pictures. Ragda patties is one of the famous chaat recipes in which patties are made with boiled potatoes & spices.It is then served with white peas gravy spread over it and sprinkled with chopped onions, tomato, green & sweet chutney.This chat is very famous street food in states of Gujarat & Maharastra in India.

Vegetable Khicadi | Easy Breakfast Recipe | Video Recipe

Vegetable khichadi/vegetable bath comes in handy when there is no batter to do any breakfast or dinner. In upma, we usually don't add vegetable and it should be like breadcrumbs like texture whereas in khichdi one need not worry about the water as we have to make the khichdi semi thick.To serve this khichdi coconut chutney is the best combo.

Pongal Collections | Sweet & Savory Pongal Collection

Here are some list of sweet & savory Pongal collections on my blog.Take a look at it if you are interested.

Beef Lasagna | Beef -Cheese Lasagna | Dinner Recipe

Beef Lasagna with step by step pictures.I bought a pack of lasagna sheets long back to try but unfortunately, nothing came as I expected so I couldn't blog about it.When I tried this beef lasagna with the last set of sheets I want to blog so clicked it at night hence the pictures were not as what I expected.Please excuse the bad pictures.

Mysore Bonda | No onion no garlic recipe | Video Recipe

I missed blogging for a week due to some personal reason and now i am back.Yet another easiest recipe for a rainy day's evening snack.Nothing matches than deep fried one for a rainy day.
Mysore bonda or plain bonda is a one which is made with urad dal.

Paruppu Usili | Vazhaipoo Usli | Banana Flower-Dal Dish

Paruppu Usli with step by step pictures.Banana flower with toor dal, cooked and tempered is the main process in making usli.Mostly toor or Bengal gram dal or a mix of these to dal is used but I have used only toor dal.This blogging world has introduced many recipes to me and this is one of it.