Plantain Stem Buttermilk | Vazhlathandu Moor | Summer Drink

Plantain Stem Buttermilk | Vazhlathandu Moor | Summer Drink

Plantain stem buttermilk with step by step pictures.The climate here in Chennai had slowly changed and we can feel the heat of the sun in midday.Although early morning/dawn, we can feel the cold weather afternoons are too sunny.As it is hot I felt its better to post a summer drink here.After making banans stem thoran I was left with a little piece of it which I made this buttermilk.

Aloo- Peas Samosa | How to make Punjabi Samosa

Aloo- Peas Samosa | How to make  Punjabi Samosa

Punjabi Samosa with step by step pictures.Samosa is a deep-fried snack where the outer coating is made with flour/maida and the inner filling will be mostly potatoes.Now with more innovation in recipes, people change the inner filling and make a different variation.

Yellow Pumpkin Dal Curry | Yellow Pumpkin Kootu

Yellow pumpkin kootu with step by step pictures. Yellow pumpkin is one vegetable which I rarely buy but I often get tempted by its all in the vegetable shop thinking about making halwa with it which never happened till date.When I buy it I would either make simple pumpkin kootu/Erissery without dal or add it to sambar to make hotel style sambar.

Oats -Strawberry Banana Smoothie | Breakfast Smoothie

Oats -Strawberry Banana Smoothie | Breakfast Smoothie

Oats strawberry banana smoothie is one best breakfast drink which has the goodness of oats, milk, fruit(berry)and banana.For people who wish to start the day with a healthy low GI food, this oat comes in handy.Since strawberries are in season and we get it at a low price I have used it else you can opt for other fruits or simply add some almonds, dates and make this smoothie.

Flourless Brownies | Healthy Brownies | Valentine Day's Special

Flourless brownies with step by step pictures.Healthy brownies with no maida or wheat flour.When I decided to bake healthy brownies for paleo diet ( this not purely paleo as I have used white sugar) I referred many sites and decided my own version and attempted this.The output was a chocolaty, chewy and addictive brownie which I had never tasted before.

Easy Sabzi for Roti | Sabzi with Green Peas & Red Carrot

An easy sabzi with winter vegetable fresh green peas and red carrots which are seen abundant in markets nowadays.After making carrot halwa I was left with some red carrots and I want to use it in a different way.When I saw the recipe here I decided to try with adding capsicum and it turned out tasty.I just take around ten minutes to make this side dish.If you don't get red carrot use a regular one.

Strawberry Yogurt | Fresh Strawberry Yogurt

I can have yogurt/curd as much as like it but this fruit-flavored was new to me when we went aboard on our last vacation.There I tried few varieties of it by my husband's suggestion.Back home at that time, we couldn't see much of this flavored yogurt in the market but now these are flooded in the market by various brand names.

Tomato Pickle | Tomato Thokku | Step by Step Pictures

Making pickle at home is quite interesting, healthy and easy.Thanks to this blogging world which has introduced me to different areas which I had never thought would happen and this pickle making is one such.Though pickles are easily available in all shops even with small quantity pouches we don't know whether its healthy as some preservatives could be unhealthy.So making it from starch at home without any preservatives is good for you family and try for some.

Carrot Halwa | Gajar Ka Halwa | Indian Sweet

Carrot Halwa with step by step pictures.

I wanted to try this easy carrot halwa long before and post it as my 1000th post but somehow it didn't happen since that time this red carrot/Delhi carrot was not in season.  I particularly was to try halwa using red carrot only. As now these carrots are in season and mainly the vendor where I buy my veggies had this carrot with no second thought I bought it to make this dessert.