Tomato Pickle | Tomato Thokku | Step by Step Pictures


Tomato pickle with step by step pictures and Video. 

Making pickle at home is quite interesting, healthy and easy.Thanks to this blogging world which has introduced me to different areas which I had never thought would happen and this pickle making is one such.Though pickles are easily available in all shops even with small quantity pouches we don't know whether its healthy as some preservatives could be unhealthy.So making it from starch at home without any preservatives is good for you family and try for some.

Tomatoes are now in season and we can get 10/per kg. To make use if it I tried this pickle from here with a slight alteration.It was yummy and was totally worth trying it.Do make use of this tomato season and make some and feed your family with a healthy pickle.

Tomato Pickle | Tomato Thokku | Step by Step Pictures

Preparation time: 10 mins
Cooking time 45 mins
Recipe type: pickle
Recipe Cuisine: Indian
Author: Babitha
Makes: a bottle


  • Tomato-1\2 kg
  • Tamarind-small lemon size
  • Red chilly powder- 2 tsp, adjust( I used Kashmiri chili)
  • Salt to taste
  • Oil-1\4 cup ( preferable gingelly oil)
  • Hing-1 Tsp
  • Mustard-1 Tsp

To roast & powder( pickle Powder)

  • Mustard - 1 tbsp
  • Fenugreek seeds-2 tsp
Tomato Pickle | Tomato Thokku | Step by Step Pictures


A quick video in Tamil


1.Dry roast methi & mustard seeds till aroma. cool and grind to a fine powder.

2.Clean tomato and cut it.Boil some water.Cool and add tamarind init.Extract juice and keep ready.

Tomato Pickle | Tomato Thokku | Step by Step Pictures

3.In a thick bottom pan ( I used my cooker) add the cubed tomato along with its juices.Keep it covered in low flame and allow it to cook.

Tomato Pickle | Tomato Thokku | Step by Step Pictures

4.It will take about 20-25 minutes for the tomato to get completely cook and all the liquid to get reduced.

5.Now add the extracted tamarind juice and allow to reduce a bit.

6.Then add red chili powder, 2 tsp pickle powder, and salt.and keep sauteing for while till it becomes dry.switch off.

Heat another pan with oil, add hing and mustard seeds to pop out.Add this to the tomato mixture and mix well.

8.Cool completely and store.

Always use a dry wooden spoon to take pickle and keep it refrigerated every time after use.


1.Use boiled & cool water to extract tamarind juice.

2.For longer shelf life keep it refrigerated after every use.


  1. This recalls my mom's recipe ! Love this to eat NO NO lick anytime !

  2. Tomatoes are rich in Vitamins C, A & K. I love Andhra style pickles. The making process has shown here looks delicious. Thank you for sharing a homemade Tomato / Thakkali pickle recipe, will try this weekend.


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