Mango Banana Smoothie | Healthy Breakfast Smoothie

Mango Banana smoothie is excellent breakfast smoothie. For people who generally find less time to make and consume breakfast, this smoothie comes in handy. Just add peeled banana & mango in a blender, whip it up and your smoothie is ready.

Mini Bundt Cake | Eggless Banana Bundt Cake

When my kids refuse to eat banana my next option would be to make either a baked goodie with it else make paniyaram. Every week I buy some banana as I like to eat a banana daily. My kids refuse to eat them when they spot any black color on its skin. So I force them to have it when the skin is fully yellow. At times some bananas will be left out fully over riped. So I make cakes/ cupcakes with it.

Dal Fry | Simple Masoor Dal Fry

Simple dal fry video recipe.
Masoor dal fry is another simple and easiest recipe. This can be used as gravy for hot steaming rice and as a side dish for Indian flatbread. It nearly takes less time to cook this recipe and here I have used open pot method to cook my dal other it would be even quicker if I use a pressure cooker. Just cook the dal, temper it and you are done.

Potato Masala | Simple Potato Stir Fry

Potato masala is an easy recipe which can be made in jiffy. Whenever I pack lunch box for my kids this masala would be definitely  there. This is so easy and simple to make and is so so versatile that you can pair it for any rice variety or even for any Indian flat breads.