Green Peas Kachori | Mattar Stuffed Kachori

Green peas kachori with step by step pictures.

Whenever I buy kachori from any chat shop my first thought that would come will be soon I must try and blog about it. But it never happened. Last month one day I decided to try this in spite of all laziness for snacks. Both my kids loved to have it along with green chutney and sauce. Give a try and I'm damn sure you will love it. This is somewhat similar to samosa except for the shape.

Tapioca /Maravalli killangu Maisyal | Side Dish for Rice

மரவள்ளி கிழங்கு /Tapioca is one of my favorites, which I can take it any time of the day in any way.I like to have it plain with some spicy fish curry and some times I make like this kottu version for rice. This tapioca is available in papad/appalam form in our native district which I never miss buying when we go there.

Ellu poran kozhukattai | Sesame Sweet stuffed Modak

Sesame seeds sweet stuffed kozhukattai is a healthy snack and it is made during the festival Ganesh Chaturthi. As my daughter loves kozhukattai I made it for an |evening snack. I couldn't make the shape of the modak correctly with my hands or with mold. So just two pieces look good and other all I made in a shape of somas.

Quinoa Pidi Kozhukattai | Healthy Steamed Sweet

We all know the health benefits of quinoa and me too bought some whole quinoa and quinoa flour from Amazon. With a last batch of flour, I decided to make this pidi kozhukattai.While making this I added more water hence it becomes necessary to add some rice flour. So be careful while adding water.

Mint-Coriander Rice | Easy Lunch Box Ideas

Mint coriander rice with step by step pictures.
Packing lunch box for kids is quite challenging. Mostly I make lemon rice, simple fried rice, beetroot rice or mix cooked rice with the stir fry I make. Recently when I make this mint-coriander rice my kids loved them and hence decided to blog about it.