Motichoor ladoo | How to make motichoor ladoo

Motichoor ladoo with step by step picture.

Motichoor ladoo are made with very fine shaped boondhi, fried and soaked up in sugar syrup. Unlike boondhi ladoo here the boondhis are very fine. To make it very fine here a specially perforated ladle is used. I bought this ladle last year and tried this ladoo. But I didn't get fine balls hence didn't blog about it. This time I gathered tips from many pages and I some what made smaller ones from my previous batch. The trick is while making boondhi after pouring the batter over the ladle immediately have to tap/bang over a weight so that the boondhi falls in tiny forms in the hot oil. Don't worry if you didn't get smaller boondhi, get give a coarse grind in a mixer and make ladoo.

Motichoor ladoo | How to make motichoor ladoo

Preparation time: 10 mins
Cooking time: 30 mins
Recipe type: sweet
Recipe Cuisine: Indian
Author: Babitha
Makes; 9 ladoos( depend on size)


  • Besan flour-1/2 cup
  • cooking soda- a pinch
  • Sugar-3/4  cup
  • Orange food color-a pinch
  • Oil- to fry
  • Rose essence-1/2 tap
  • Crushed cardamon-1
  • Pistachio, chopped
  • Pumpkin seeds

Motichoor ladoo | How to make motichoor ladoo


This is the ladle used for making boondhi.

1. Make the thin batter with besan, a pinch cooking soda and food color.

2. Heat oil. Place the perforated ladle over it and pour a ladle of the prepared batter. Immediately bang/stick the ladle over a heavyweight so that fine boondhi will fall on the hot. ( for this keep a container near to the oil on which the handle of the ladle can sit).

3. Fry the bondhi , not too crispy and drain it. Do the same for all batter. ( after each batch wipes out the back side of the ladle).

4. Make sugar syrup. When it reaches one string consistency switch off. Add essence, nuts crushed/powdered cardamom and the fried boondhi. Wait for the boondhi to absorb all sugar syrup.Leave it for a while.

5. Then make balls out of it.

Motichoor ladoo | How to make motichoor ladoo

Though my boondhi was not so tiny I am happy with it.


1. If you didn't get fine boondhi , after frying just coarsely ground and add to the sugar syrup.

1. You can boil the boondhi along with the sugar syrup if you find any leftover syrup without absorbing.

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