Thinnai Adhirasam | Foxtail Millet Jaggery Sweet | Diwali Sweet

Thinnai adhirasam with step by step pictures.

For this year Diwali recipe, I have decided to try some sweet and savories with millets. Let me see how for it goes smoothly and How many recipes I try. To begin with, I tried this adhirasam with thinnai arisi. I am a big fan of this adhirasam and hence I tried this first. Making this millet adhirasam is same as regular adhirasam only with the difference in millet in the place of rice. All the other procedure remains the same. I added more syrup into the flour. So the next day I couldn't make balls correctly. I resolved it by adding some wheat flour. So be careful not to add all the jaggery syrup.

Thinnai Adhirasam | Foxtail Millet Jaggery Sweet | Diwali Sweet

You can make this recipe with any millet variety but with this foxtail millet, it will more tasty. Let us see how to make this healthy millet adhirasam.

Preparation time: 2 hours for making the flour
Resting time: 1 -2 days
Cooking time: 20 mins
Recipe type: Sweet
Recipe Cuisine: South Indian
Author: Babitha


  • Thinnai rice/ Foxtail millet- 1 cup
  • Jaggery, grated- 1 cup
  • Cardamom -2
  • Sukku/ dry ginger- a small piece
  • Oil - to fry

Thinnai Adhirasam | Foxtail Millet Jaggery Sweet | Diwali Sweet


How to make thinnai rice flour:

1. Clean the millet well in water and soak for 2-3 hours. THen drain and dry in cloth over the kitchen countertop.

2. After it had dried a bit, transfer to a mixer and ground it finely. Your thinnai flour is ready. I added dry ginger , cardamom to the dried millet and ground it.

How to make adhirasam:

1. Boil jaggery with little water. Keep stirring till it reaches ball consistency. ( to check it, in a watered vessel pour a drop of the syrup and try to make a ball. if you are able to make it then it is the correct stage.)

2. Add this jaggery syrup to the millet flour little by little and make a stiff dough. ( Don't add all the syrup).
Thinnai Adhirasam | Foxtail Millet Jaggery Sweet | Diwali Sweet

3. Cover and give a resting time of 1 day or two or a minimum of overnight.

4. Open and mix well. Make balls of it. Flatten it on a greased sheet. Do the same for all balls.

5. Drop each into hot oil and fry it in medium flame. When done on one side flip and cook the other side. Repeat for all.Press it between two flat ladles to remove all excess oil inside it and to get it flat.

6. Cool and store in an airtight container.


1. When making balls if you are not able to make and the dough is little watery. add some wheat flour, mix well and make it.

2. If the dough is too hard add 1-2 tsp water, knead and make.

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