Horsegram Idli | how to make horsegram idli

Horsegram idli with step by step pictures.

I already have this horsegram idli recipe in my space which I tried from another blog during my early stage of blogging. The difference between this from that is here urad dal is used, whereas in that recipe dal is not used. As dal is used here you couldn't find any difference from regular idli and I was so satisfied to have fed my family with another healthy idli recipe.

Glazed cherry muffins | how to make muffins

Glazed cherry muffins with step by step pictures.

Another easy and simple muffins with the glazed cherry. As Christmas is nearing I thought of trying this muffin which was in my bucket list. Its a simple vanilla cake with glazed cherries on top. If you love cherries then I'm sure you will like this muffin also. I have used an egg in the recipe. If you opt of the eggless version then avoid egg and use curd + baking soda.

Munthiri Kothu | Kanyakumari Special Christmas Recipe

Munthiri Kothu with step by step pictures.

This recipe is one of the famous recipes in the southern district of Tamilnadu. "Munthiri" which means cashew and "Kothu" means a bunch. If you happen to visit any places down south during Christmas you can find the recipes in almost all houses. Whenever we return from there after Christmas  I make sure to load some of this with me. I love this recipe to the core and was happily making it here in Chennai in my kitchen.I gathered some information from my sister-in-law and proceeded to make it. As doing alone for the first time I just made a very small quantity. I regret it as it quickly got vanished.

Walnut Cookies | Christmas Cookies | How to make eggless cookies

Walnut Cookies | Christmas Cookies | How to make eggless cookies

Walnut Cookies with step by step pictures.

Christmas is all about baking. You can all social media flooding with cookies, plum cakes, and cake recipes. If you are looking for rich plum cake, here are some easy fruit cake, Boil&bake fruit cake, rice plum cake in which I used alcohol to soak the dry fruits.

Palak Khicadi | how to make palak khichdi

Palak Khicadi | how to make palak khichdi

Palak khichadi/ Spinach Dal recipe with step by step pictures.

After trying out an easy method of Bisibelabath I want to try my hand on khichdi. I have tried khichdi with rava/sooji, I want particularly try this khichdi with the khichdi dal available in the market. If you don't seem to get this dal then use regular moong dal. Khichdi is somewhat similar to pongal whereas in Pongal we don't use any vegetable but her in this khichdi you can use a mix of vegetables or else like this recipe, palak khichdi.

Thinnai Sweet Paniyaram | Foxtail Millet Appam

Thinnai Sweet Paniyaram | Foxtail Millet Appam

Thinnai/Foxtail millet Sweet Paniyaram with step by step pictures.

If you are a regular reader you might know me that I love millets and I try different recipes from sweets to savories with it. I have a big sweet tooth and if the recipe I try is sweet I would immediately try it. On a leave day when children are at home I decided to try this paniyaram for an evening snack, hence soaked the millet in the morning.

Keerai Bonda | Urad dal Bonda with Greens

Keerai Bonda | Urad dal Bonda with Greens

Keerai Bonda with step by step pictures.

When coming for tea time snacks we always opt for vadai, bonda, murruku , etc. Deep fried snacks with a hot cup of ginger or masala chai/tea are the best combo. Nothing can beat this heaven made pair if you have not tried this do try it and I'm sure you will love it.  Someday in last week Chennai had some slight showers and I was badly craving for some deep fried snacks for my tea. I bought keerai/greens and kept soem stalks to make this bonda the next day to fulfill my craving. Its so easy to make just chop the green finely and add to the bonda batter and make.

Dates- Choco Muffins | Breakfast Muffins

Dates-Choco muffins with step by step pictures.

Dates- choco muffins are healthy cupcakes with healthy ingredients in it. With dates, it tastes yummy and healthy too. I have used here a mix of wheat and maida in it. But you can make it either with anyone flour and a mix of both. Although I had choco chips I added broken dark choc bars as dark chocolate is a healthy option. Since dates are added I reduced the sugar amount. You can also make it sugar-free by adding more dates. I just smashed the dates to form a mass, but you can also just blend/grind in a mixer.