Eggless chocolate sheet cake | Valentine's Day special

Chocolate sheet cake with step by step pictures.

Happy valentine day wishes to all. Love is in the air and is found in everything, let us celebrate each day. On this lovely day, I am here with a special recipe of eggless chocolate sheet cake. As I didn' have sheet cake pan I just used my square pan. And for the icing, I just melted margarine, then added cocoa powder, icing sugar, essence, milk and whisked it well till it forms a smooth runny mix. Feel free o add butter in the place of margarine.

Let us see how to make his easy cake.

Preparation time: 10 mins
Cooking time: 35-40 mins
Recipe type: Cake
Recipe Cuisine: Indian/eggless
Author: Babitha


Flour- 1&1/4 cup
Cocoa powder- 4 tbsp
Sugar-1/2 cup
Oil-1/2 cup
thin yogurt/curd-1 cup
Vanilla essence- 2 tsp
Baking soda-1 tsp

For icing:

Maragine-2 tbsp
Icing sugar- 2 cups
Cocoa powder- 1 tbsp
Milk-1/4 cup

Sugar balls - for topping

Instructions with step by step pictures:

1. In a mixing bowl add sugar and oil. mix it.

2. Add yogurt, essence & baking soda. mix well.

3. Sieve flour and cocoa powder. Add it to the oil mix.

4. Pour into greased baking pan.

5. Bake it in the preheated oven for 35-40 mins at 180 deg C or till done. Cool it.

6. While it is cooling a bit let us make the icing. Melt margarine. switch off.

7. Add icing sugar, cocoa powder, milk and whisk well it looks like a smooth mix.

8. Pour this over the baked cake and top it with sugar balls.

9. Cool, cut and serve.


1. Baking time varies from oven to oven.

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  1. Delicious chocolate sheet cake. Perfect treat for a special day.


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