Plain tea | Sulaimani | How to make sulaimani

Sulaimani | Plain tea video recipe.

Sulaimani is nothing but plain tea. It is very famous in the state of Kerala. I am not a fan of this plain tea until last year. I started liking this tea and I don't know how it started till now. I even started liking plain green tea which I never use to drink before. I guess it all age factor and we started liking things which we don't like in a young age. To make this tea is a bit challenging for me with tea powder. When making It I always make it by adding more tea leaves making it unfit to drink. It is my husband who pointed out my mistake since he makes perfect Sulaimani. This drink he just made to me and I just clicked it.

Let us see how to make this simple drink.

Preparation time: nill
Cooking time: 5 mins
Recipe type: drink
Recipe Cuisine: Indian/ Arab
Author: Babitha
Serve: 1


Water-2 cups
Cinnamon-1 stick
Tea powder-1/2 tsp
Sugar- to taste
Mint leaves(optional)


A quick video

1. Boil water with cinnamon& tea powder till it rolls boil.

2. Add sugar in the serving glass, filter the boiled drink in it.

3. Mix well. Add mint leaves and serve immediately.

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