Strawberry yogurt popsicle

Strawberry yogurt popsicle with step by step pictures.

A simple popsicle with strawberry, yogurt, and sugar. As the temperature is shooting up in Chennai we all look for some chilled drink/juice. When I had some strawberry I decided to make this simple yogurt popsicle to cool yourself. Just blend it, pour into mold, freeze it set then enjoy it.

Preparation time: 2 mins
Setting time: 6-8 hours
keyword: popsicle, homemade
Recipe type: popsicle
Cuisine: American/Indian
Author: Babitha
Makes: 4 popsicles


Strawberry-1/2 cup
Greek yogurt-1 cup
Sugar-2 tbsp(adjust)


1. Add yogurt into a blender/mixer.

2. Add in strawberries.

3.And sugar.

4. Blend it well.

5. Pour into mould.

6. Keep it in the freezer to set.

7. When set keep it under running water for easy demould.


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