White chocolate popsicle | Popsicle recipe

White chocolate popsicle with step by step pictures.

This popsicle is so easy to make with just 3 ingredients. You can either add vanilla essence which is purely optional. both my kids loved this popsicle and my son enjoyed it to the core. It is best for the summer as the heat is soaring up day by day. I have used white choc chips but you can also you a white chocolate bar.

Let us see how to make this.

Preparation time: 2 mins
Cooking time: 10 mins
Setting time: 6-8 hours
Recipe type: Popsicle
Recipe Cuisine: Indian/American
Author: Babitha
Makes: 6-8 popsicles.


Milk- 2 cups
White choc chips-1/3 cup
White sugar-1/3 cup
Vanilla essence- 1 tsp (optional)


1. Boil milk.

2. Add sugar, choco chips and cook in low flame till it dissolves. When the mix becomes semi thick switch off.

3. Add essence if using and wait for it to cool.

4. Pour into popsicle mold and freeze till done.

5. Keep the mold under running water for demolding.

Serve immediately.