Kai murukku | Diwali snack

Kai murukku with step by step pictures.

I have never realized that I would make this kai murukku in my life. Thanks to this blogging world which makes the impossible possible. Already I have posted kai murukku in my blog long back but in it I soaked rice, wet ground it and prepared the murukku. But here I powered the rice and make the dough. Here is the link to it. Also I that previous one I used fried gram dal powder whereas here I have used urad dal powder. You can use either of them. The only thing to have in mind is to make a crack-free smooth dough.

Let us see how to make this.

Preparation time: 2 hours (includes soaking)
Cooking time: 30 mins
Recipe Cuisine: Indian
Recipe type: Snack
Author: Babitha


Raw rice flour-1 cup
Urad dal powder- 1 tbsp (I used homemade).
Black Ellu-1/2 tsp
Hing powder-1/2 tsp( or solid hing dissolved in water)
Butter-1 tsp
oil- to fry
Salt to taste


1. First, let us prepare the flour.

2. Clean and soak raw rice for 1 hour. Then drain, spread over a cloth and allow to dry under a fan.

3.  Then powder it in a mixer.

4. Sieve the powdered mix and the result gives you the flour to make murukku.

5. Measure a cup of the flour.

6. Add urad dal powder, Ellu, salt,hing water, butter.

7. Mix well. Slowly add water and make a crack-free smooth dough.

8. Take a portion of the mix and make swirls. Check my Suthu murukku recipe for a video

9. Heat oil and fry the prepared murukku till the hiss goes off. Flip and fry another side too.

Cool and store.

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