Yellow corn puttu | Corn meal steamed cake

Corn Puttu with step by step pictures.

Puttu is a steamed breakfast which is considered healthy. It is one of the main breakfast recipes in the state of Kerala. There they serve with kadalai curry, cooked payaru (green grams)-papad, chicken/mutton gravy and for the sweet version they give sugar and banana. I always love to have my puttu with banana and sugar.

Red Rice Flakes Coconut Milk Pudding / Aval Payasam With Jaggery | Payasam Recipe

Red Aval/Rice flakes payasam

Payasam is an easy dessert one can prepare .When ever i carve to eat something sweet i make  a payasam for lunch relish some and keep it in fridge and will indulge as often.when can make payasam with many ingredients.Here i have used thick red aval (rice flakes),jaggery and coconut milk.Need to say the taste sooo yummy.

Channa dal sundal | Kadalai paruppu sundal | Sundal recipe


Channa dal Sundal with step by step pictures and video.

Sundal is usually made during navarathri . Any legumes/dal can be made as sundal. It is a protein-packed dish and healthy. If you are making this during festival avoid garlic or else if you make it on other days you can use 2-3 cloves of garlic while tempering. Channa dal, moong dal. masoor dal, etc all of it can be cooked and made as sundal. 

Masala Tea | how to make spiced milk tea


Masala tea

Masala tea with step by step pictures and video.

Tea/chai is a staple drink in many households in India. Each one makes it in their own way. Here I have used ginger, cloves, cinnamon, and cloves. But some will use fennel seeds and a dash of nutmeg also.

Thinnai/Foxtail Millet Spicy Pongal | Healthy Breakfast

Thinnai/foxtail millet with step by step pictures.

I always have an obsession with millet and I love to try all south Indian recipes with it. I have tried idli/dosa, puttu, idiyappam( string hoppers), khichadi, etc with many millets. Although I love sweet Pongal, kara Pongal is family favorite and all love to have it hot. So I see that I make it during weekends to all to relish it hot.

Instant Murukku | Leftover rice chakli (Video recipe)


Leftover rice murukku with step by step pictures and video.

Murukku/chakli is a common snack quite popular all over India. For any festival, people prepare it at home. Many variety and shapes it can be prepared. It is also available in all departmental stores.  Nowadays people try making this murukku in a different way and one such way is this method. If you have any leftover rice try this murukku.

Mealmaker Kebab | Soya chunks Kebab

Mealmaker / Soya nuggets kebab with step by step pictures.Meal makers are rich in proteins and are quite easily available in all departmental shops , now a days even all vegetable vendors sell this.Whenever I buy a packet of this, my kids first choice would be meal maker 65  since they love that the most as it looks and tastes like chicken fry.If the dinner menu is chapati then sometime it would be soya chunk masala. 
 If you are looking for vegan patties for your burger then do try this soya chunk patties.
 Let's see how to make this soya kebab.

Goosberry / Amla Pickle | Instant Pickle Recipe

amla pickle

Amla pickle with step by step pictures and video.

 Amla is very rich in vitamin c and has a great immunity power. This pickle can be made very quickly and tastes yummy.  My daughter starting liking this more and whenever I make this she just finishes it very quickly, she even eats it with chapati. Keep it under the refrigerator if using after a day.Try this easy pickle and enjoy it.

Broccoli Soup | Cream of Broccoli

cream of broccoli
Broccoli is one of the fibre rich food which has many nutrients, minerals and vitamins.It supports heart's health.Its high anti-inflammatory fight helps to fight against allergies and inflammation. It so easy to have this vegetable, just chop it and get stir fry and eat it. Some days before I posted cauliflower soup and just followed the same method to make this soup.

Kambu Idli | Pearl Millet Idli | Healthy Breakfast ( video recipe)

When it comes to millets I love to try any of it and you can check my blog which have some decent amount of millet recipes.Kambu /Pearl millet, though I have used it before but did not try making idli with it.So tried and hence blogging about it here.

Nadan Beef Fry | Kerala Style Beef Fry | Easy Beef Fry | Video Recipe

When its beef cooking for lunch/ dinner it's a real treat for all as we all love it to the core. I use a tender version of beef called veal meat which will just look soft as goat meat.For this recipe you can use both beef variety.Last Sunday I made this recipe for lunch where both my kids were so much involved in plating, shooting and taking photos / videos.with no further stories lets go straight to the recipe

Butterfly pea tea | Blue tea ( Video recipe)


Butterfly blue tea is nothing but a tea made with  "Sangu flower". There are two colors in this flower, white and blue. Blue colored flower is used to make this tea.

This tea has some health benefits such as being full of antioxidants and good for your eyes. This tea doesn't have any flavor. Butterfly pea flowers are kind of considered an "herb" in many countries. I have this plant in my terrace garden.  You can just add hot water to the flower and drink or else can squeeze lemon juice which changes the color and then can have it.

Green gram-rice kanji with roasted chilli thogayal( video recipe)


Green gram- rice kanji with step by step pictures and video.

Green gram- rice kanji is a healthy porridge. It is a one-pot easy dinner recipe that can be easily made. This porridge is filling and be given to people above 2 years. I mostly make this kanji when I run out of an idea for what to make for dinner. In the place of green gram, you can use black urad dal and it is urad dal kanji. Don't skip the addition of garlic as it gives flavor, taste, and aids in the digestion. The thogayal I prepared is the best combo. do try this once and let me know it.

Carrot Muffins | Wheat Carrot Mini Bundt Cake| Eggless Bakes

Carrot mini bundt cakes with step by step pictures.My long term wish to make this carrot cake became sucess yesterday since I had failed init in my previuos attempt. I was so excited when the muffins were out from the oven and they simply tastes awesome with the flavors of cinnamon & ginger in it.Its perfect for evening snack with a cup of tea/chai and can also be served as breakfast for kids.

Therachi/ Thirukkai (Stingray Fish ) Kuzhambu | Step by step pictures.


Therachi fish kuzhambu with step by step pictures.

Therachi which is also known as Thirandai is a healthy fish that has medicinal values. In English, it is known as Stingray fish. We can make this fish in many ways like using coconut or without coconut, can roast spices, and make curry, or with coconut milk too we can make this curry. Each one makes it in their own way. Here we made by roasting the spices. Let us see how to make this.

Beef Biryani | step by step pictures. & video

Beef biryani with step by step pictures and video recipe.

Pirandai Rasam | Adamant Creepers- Tamarind Soup (video recipe)

Pirandai Rasam | Adamant Creepers- Tamarind Soup

Pirandai rasam with step by step picture and video.

After making pirandai thogayal and pirandai idli, now I'm here with another recipe with it. The climate calls for nice hot rasam to be mixed up with rice. Instead of making simple rasam try making this healthy pirandai rasam. I got some ideas from here and made this. The original recipe called to use tender creeper but in the pack, I bought there was no tender one hence used the matured part only.

Soya beans Dosai | Soya Beans Crepes | Breakfast Recipe

After the soya beans dry curry , here comes the next recipe with soya beans which is south Indian famous dosa recipe.In addition to the health factor this dosa is very crispy and cooks very fast.Do give a try once as you cannot find any difference from the regular one and we get satisfied feeding protein filled food to family.

Horsegram Sprouts Masala | Weightloss Recipe

Do you all remember the sprouts which I made some days back and wrote to wait for the recipe I made with it, yes this is the masala I prepared with it.So simple with just the ingredients available in the pantry and it makes the best pair with roti or any Indian flat bread.One can also be used as side for roti or mix it with rice , in both ways it will be delicious.

Easy sambar | Pressure cooker radish sambar( video recipe)

Easy pressure cooker sambar with step by step picture and video.

Sambar is a one-dish which is quite common in many households in South India. Each one makes their way for sambar. Some cook dal and veggies separately then mix it and boil with sambar powder with tempering at last. I make that way when I use drumstick as a vegetable because it gets overcooked when done in a pressure cooker. This method is my most common method which I at least make once a week. do try this quick sambar recipe and share your experience.

Kancheepuram Idli | South Indian Breakfast | Step by Step Pictures

Kancheepuram Idli with Step by Step Pictures

Kancheepuram Idli as the name says this idli/ steamed rice cake is famous and from the temple city in south India, Kancheepuram which is near Chennai. To be honest I have never eaten this idli before until I made it at home. When I was blank what to make for breakfast the next day this idli came into my mind. While searching I found out people use raw & boiled rice together along with some spice in the idli batter. Mix well and steam it.

Toor dal vada/ how to make toor dal vada


Toor dal vada with step by step pictures and video.

We all make masala vada with channa dal. For a change, I have made it with Toor dal. We get one kg per month from ration and mostly it won't get over in that month. To get it over I make dosa, vadas with it. I have already shared a dosa recipe and you can check it here.

Homemade Rice Ada | Kitchen Basics

Gone are the days when I search shops for this ada to make payasam. After coming to this blogging world I have learned that it can be very easily made at home. Without much writing, let's go off to it.

Cluster beans mezhukkupuratti | Kerala style cluster beans stir fry

Cluster beans mezhukkupuratti with step by step pictures.
Cluster beans mezhukkupuratti is a simple Kerala stir fry. Just tempering a cooked vegetable in coconut oil, spices are mezhukkupuratti. You can use any vegetables like carrot, beans, potato, lady's finger.etc.This is one common recipe is Kerala household. Let us see how to make this.

Chakka Pradhaman | Jackfruit Preserve /Jam Coconut milk pudding | Onam Recipe

chakka pradhaman

After making oats jackfruit appam i was left with half of the jackfruit preserve which i made before. Since Onam is nearing i want to make pradhaman with it and post it before.I make pudding/dessert only week ends and hence a week before i made this on a Sunday.Making this is so simple just mix the jam /preserve in thin coconut milk milk, add in sweetening agent, then thick coconut milk and switch off.Let us see it in details.

Kalan -Kerala Recipe | Onam Sadya Recipe | Kurukku Kalan Recipe

Kalan recipe

Kalan is one dish which is served in the sadya meal which is nothing but yam/raw plantain  or both cooked in coconut-yogurt masala paste.It must cook carefully as curd/yogurt may tends to curdle.I prepared this today along with sambar which was so yummy.I slightly adopted the recipe from here.

Ammini & coconut stuffed Poran kozhukatai


2 type kozhukatai- video recipe.

Toor dal dosa | Easy breakfast/ dinner recipe

Toor dal dosa with step by step pictures.

Toor dal dosa is a quick dosa variety that can be made for breakfast or dinner. This dosa can be made without fermentation. I have already posted a masoor dal recipe with a video. If you want you can check it here.

Thinnai Sarkkarai Pongal | Foxtail Millet Sweet Pongal

Starting my day with a sweet note is always a bliss for me but my daughter won't prefer anything sweet in her food in morning hours .So mostly I make savory recipes and rarely I prepare sweet pongal or puttu  for me to satisfy my sweet carve.

Aval Ladoo/ Balls | Poha ladoo | Healthy Snack

Aval Ladoo with step by step pictures.

Aval/poha ladoo is a simple snacks to make in jiffy. When sweet carve strikes and not mood to make elobarate one try to make this simplest one and enjoy. Here I have used a mix of cane sugar and white sugar but you can either with any one sugar of mix of both. Also if you prefer making it sugar free just add more pitted dates and grind it and make balls.

Curry leaves kuzhambu

 Curry leaves kuzhambu with step by step pictures and video.

Curry leaves is one major green which we use in all recipe which includes tempering. The aroma it emits when tempering will make it more salivating. Whenever we buy vegetables here in Chennai, India the vegetable vendors will give this curry leaves for free. As we buy weekly we get a huge bunch every week. I mostly trash the previous week leaves. Sometimes when leaves are not withered I try this gravy or use it in making podis.

Seedai | salt and sweet version | Festive recipe

Seedai with step by step pictures.

Seedai is a deep-fried snack which is made with rice flour and urad dal flour. A dough is made with both flours along with salt and spices for salt version. For the sweet version, jaggery water ( jaggery just melted is water)is used. Though we don't celebrate these festive I love to make recipe related to each festival.

Carrot Coconut Burfi | Easy Indian Sweet Recipe | Video Recipe

Diwali is just  round the corner which we can easily witness in this digital world where bloggers posting more sweets and savories.I too have posted few of it and to add in it comes this burfi.I referred my coconut burfi and did it, as it is so simple to make.Just mix everything in a pan and keep stirring till it leaves the sides.One small suggestion from my side is to reduce the sugar level a bit.Because 2 cups looks more sweet for me after I made it so better reduce it to 1 &3\4 cup.But If you like more sweeter version then can go for 2 cups.

Samai Paal Payasam | Little Millet Pudding | Millet Recipe

We all know about the health benefits of millets and many would have been using it in many can check all my millets recipes from my recipe index.Here i have use it to make a sweet dish,a pudding which not only taste good but healthy too.Do give a try this payasam with the millet in alternative to your regular rice.

Bisibelabath | Sambar Sadham | Pressure Cooker method

Bisibelabath with step step pictures

Easy one pot sambar sadham that too in a pressure cooker. For weekday lunch, after packing lunch for my kids I mostly end up with any leftover from the previous day or simply have my lunch with curd. It was on a day I was left with nothing and I need to make some dish. For a long time I want to make this sambar sadham aka bisibelabath with millets. On that day, I quickly referred some blog and ended up here to make my lunch. I altered the recipe & ingredients according to me and prepared this flavorful rice.

South Indian Filter Coffee | How to make filter coffee

filter coffee

I just love filter coffee but I don't know how to make it perfect. My husband bought me a filter some long years back and i never used it as i don't make a perfect one. Whenever we go for a restaurant I order this filter coffee for me. But things have changed after blogging. Looking at bloggers posting this coffee recipe I to want to try it. After some failure now I can say confidently that I too can make good filter coffee(  hope can make more perfect degree coffee in experience).

Maa Ladoo/ Maladdu | Step by Step Pictures

This is one of the simple, easiest and quickest sweet. when you carve to eat any sweet just try and enjoy. Its also called by nei/ghee urundai,pottukadalai ladoo. The ingredients needed for this will always be in your pantry, so try it and its very easy for the beginners.

Sukku Malli Kaapi | Dry ginger - coriander seeds drink | Sukku Kappi

Sukku kappi with step by step pictures and video.
This is a drink which I often prepare when some feel discomfort in their throat as the pepper and ginger help to reduce it and make you feel better.In our native place, making of this is quite often as we always love a drink with palm jaggery / karupatti.
 If it is difficult to find palm jaggery then you can use palm sugar / panakarkandu.But we always make it with karpattai and that's the best.

Drumstick Leaves Soup | Murungai Keerai Soup

The climate in this part of the world is slowly changing and we are into our rainy season of the year.As the temperature changes, we  face health issues like cold and cough.To overcome this and keep us comfortable we feel to have something hot and soupy.When I had a bunch of these super power leaves, drumstick leaves I made this soup for a day when all at home had running nose and cold which made us little better.

Turmeric tea | how to make turmeric tea | weight loss tea

Turmeric tea with step by step pictures.

Turmeric is a yellow-orange spice used in curries and sauces. In Indian curries the use of the spice powder is mandatory. No spicy recipes can be found without it. It comes from the turmeric root. The spice has been used for its medicinal, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties for thousands of years.

Eggless Cornflakes Cookies | Cookies Recipe

eggless corn flakes cookies

I bookmarked this recipe long before and every time when i want to try this anyone ingredients either cornflakes or butter won't be in my pantry.Last week i had everything with me so i made this yummy cookies.

Masoor dal dosai/ Mysore paruppu dosa with ration rice (video recipe)

Masoor dal dosa with step by step picture and video

Masoor dal dosa with ration rice.  I don't hesitate to use ration rice in my cooking. Nowadays the rice they give is good and doesn't smell when we cook. I use them in grinding idli/dosa. Moreover, these rice are healthy as it has that outer husk init. Today here I share a dosa recipe in which I have used only the ration rice.


Egg biryani | East one pot meal

Egg Biryani with step by step pictures.

This is one of the simplest and easiest biryani one can make. Even a beginner can make this. There is a little story behind this recipe. One evening my daughter carved for biryani after returning home from college. She was in that carve even the word biryani when she heard made her salivating. She enquired whether I have any meat in the refrigerator. When she found nothing so decided to make this egg biryani and relish it. With little instructions from me, she made it wholly. Even these pictures she took it from her mobile. We had it with onion-curd raitha.

Banana Black Currant Bundt Cake | Mini Bundt Cake

Banana Black Currant Bundt Cake | Mini Bundt Cake

Best way to use overripe bananas is to bake with it.My kids will never touch that banana if they spot any black color on its skin.So I have to force them to eat when the skin is fully yellow.You can also make Unniappam with ripe bananas.

Instant Ragi Dosa | Instant finger millet flour savory crepes

Instant Ragi Dosa | Instant finger millet flour savory crepes

Instant millet flour dosa with step by step pictures.

Instant dosa comes as a savior when we don't find time to grind idli/dosa batter or when clueless what to be cooked for breakfast/dinner. As millet flour is used init this dosa happens to be a healthy one. As I mentioned in my previous post, Kadamba chutney, I served this dosa with that chutney. Here I have used ragi flour but I guess you can use any millet flour in a similar way to make this dosa. If  I try with other flour sure I will write about it here.

Mango Ice cream | No churn method | Without Ice Cream maker

mango ice cream

This ice cream recipe is such an easy method of making, which does not involve blending in between. You have to just mix, freeze and scoop out. As mangoes are in season try this and enjoy.

Kesar Phirni | Saffron Flavored Rice Pudding | Indian Dessert

Kesar Phirni | Saffron Flavored  Rice Pudding | Indian Dessert

Happy to all my readers. :) Let me begin the year with a sweet dish.Phirni is an Indian dessert where rice is slow cooked, sweetened, flavored and served chilled.One can make this dessert plain or with any seasonal fruits.I have already post rose phirni , mango phirni, Chocolate phirni. To add to my collection here is another one with kesar/saffron.

Drumstick Gravy | Murungaikai Kuzhambu

Drumstick gravy with step by step pictures.

Drumstick gravy is an easy kuzhambu that can be made quickly with minimal ingredients/ This goes well with hot steaming rice and also equally tastes better for idli/dosa. Here I have used coconut for volume. but you can avoid it if you need less quantity.

Cabbage Balls | Cabbage-Dal Balls | Easy Snacks Recipe

Though there are many cooking programs on different channels, the one program which I wish to watch Vijay Tv's Samayal Samayal with Chef Venkatesh Butt.His recipes are looks so simple and the way he narrates it uplift us to try it immediately.This recipe is one such he cooked on a day and I tried it on a weekday for my kids after school snacks.I served it with tomato ketchup and we loved it to the core.