Turmeric tea | how to make turmeric tea | weight loss tea

Turmeric tea with step by step pictures.

Turmeric is a yellow-orange spice used in curries and sauces. In Indian curries the use of the spice powder is mandatory. No spicy recipes can be found without it. It comes from the turmeric root. The spice has been used for its medicinal, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties for thousands of years.

Eggless Cornflakes Cookies | Cookies Recipe

eggless corn flakes cookies

I bookmarked this recipe long before and every time when i want to try this anyone ingredients either cornflakes or butter won't be in my pantry.Last week i had everything with me so i made this yummy cookies.

Masoor dal dosai/ Mysore paruppu dosa with ration rice (video recipe)

Masoor dal dosa with step by step picture and video

Masoor dal dosa with ration rice.  I don't hesitate to use ration rice in my cooking. Nowadays the rice they give is good and doesn't smell when we cook. I use them in grinding idli/dosa. Moreover, these rice are healthy as it has that outer husk init. Today here I share a dosa recipe in which I have used only the ration rice.


Egg biryani | East one pot meal

Egg Biryani with step by step pictures.

This is one of the simplest and easiest biryani one can make. Even a beginner can make this. There is a little story behind this recipe. One evening my daughter carved for biryani after returning home from college. She was in that carve even the word biryani when she heard made her salivating. She enquired whether I have any meat in the refrigerator. When she found nothing so decided to make this egg biryani and relish it. With little instructions from me, she made it wholly. Even these pictures she took it from her mobile. We had it with onion-curd raitha.

Banana Black Currant Bundt Cake | Mini Bundt Cake

Banana Black Currant Bundt Cake | Mini Bundt Cake

Best way to use overripe bananas is to bake with it.My kids will never touch that banana if they spot any black color on its skin.So I have to force them to eat when the skin is fully yellow.You can also make Unniappam with ripe bananas.

Instant Ragi Dosa | Instant finger millet flour savory crepes

Instant Ragi Dosa | Instant finger millet flour savory crepes

Instant millet flour dosa with step by step pictures.

Instant dosa comes as a savior when we don't find time to grind idli/dosa batter or when clueless what to be cooked for breakfast/dinner. As millet flour is used init this dosa happens to be a healthy one. As I mentioned in my previous post, Kadamba chutney, I served this dosa with that chutney. Here I have used ragi flour but I guess you can use any millet flour in a similar way to make this dosa. If  I try with other flour sure I will write about it here.

Mango Ice cream | No churn method | Without Ice Cream maker

mango ice cream

This ice cream recipe is such an easy method of making, which does not involve blending in between. You have to just mix, freeze and scoop out. As mangoes are in season try this and enjoy.

Kesar Phirni | Saffron Flavored Rice Pudding | Indian Dessert

Kesar Phirni | Saffron Flavored  Rice Pudding | Indian Dessert

Happy to all my readers. :) Let me begin the year with a sweet dish.Phirni is an Indian dessert where rice is slow cooked, sweetened, flavored and served chilled.One can make this dessert plain or with any seasonal fruits.I have already post rose phirni , mango phirni, Chocolate phirni. To add to my collection here is another one with kesar/saffron.

Drumstick Gravy | Murungaikai Kuzhambu

Drumstick gravy with step by step pictures.

Drumstick gravy is an easy kuzhambu that can be made quickly with minimal ingredients/ This goes well with hot steaming rice and also equally tastes better for idli/dosa. Here I have used coconut for volume. but you can avoid it if you need less quantity.

Cabbage Balls | Cabbage-Dal Balls | Easy Snacks Recipe

Though there are many cooking programs on different channels, the one program which I wish to watch Vijay Tv's Samayal Samayal with Chef Venkatesh Butt.His recipes are looks so simple and the way he narrates it uplift us to try it immediately.This recipe is one such he cooked on a day and I tried it on a weekday for my kids after school snacks.I served it with tomato ketchup and we loved it to the core.

Healthy Mix Banana Bread

Healthy mix banana bread with step by step pictures.

Healthy mix banana bread is a complete wholesome breakfast recipe. The healthy mix init gives you all the needed nutrients. When I got a pack of healthy mix from early foods, I was left with some flour after making porridge. Since I didn't want to get ruined by pests I made this healthy bread with it. I already have a banana bread recipe in my blog. You can check it here.

Instant Idli | No soaking no fermentation idli | Idli with Idli rice rava

Happy new year to all, I wish and pray for success and prosperity to follow in this new year.
Let me start my first post of this year with a healthy note. We all know steamed food and that too if it happens to be idli it is very good and healthy. But making idli need a batter which involves a long procedure of soaking, grinding and fermenting. Many people complain about not getting soft idli and hence they avoid making the batter at home.

2 ingredient strawberry ice cream

2 ingredient ice-cream, yes you read it correctly with just two ingredients you can make this yummy ice cream which doesn't need any fancy machine. I have some whipped powder left and I want to use it in ice cream. When I got some fresh strawberries I decided to make this ice cream. You can make it with any fresh fruit. Since the whipping cream powder has sweet I didn't add any sweetener.

Homemade oats flour

Homemade oats flour with step by step pictures.

Oats flour is so simple and easy to make at home. This flour can be used in many recipes. I do have some of it my blog like oats puttu, oats mor/buttermilk, cookies, bread, cake, etc. Check it by searching in the search box on the right side. You can also mix this flour with the atta and make roti/chapati. Here I have used instant oats but you can also use thick variety.

Rice- Coconut Payasam /Kheer | Payasam recipe

Simple easy to cook payasam at home with the ingredients in your pantry. Rice and coconut will almost be seen in every house and if you crave something sweet then make this kheer/payasam and enjoy.

Caramel popcorn | how to make caramel popcorn at home

Caramel popcorn with step by step pictures.

Caramel popcorn is a quick snack that can be prepared in just a few minutes. To make popcorn the popcorn kernels must be of good quality. I had a few bad experiments trying popcorn with the worst kernels. to check if the kernels are good just drop 1-2 kernels in oil and see. If it pops up well then go further else discard that kernels.

Beetroot Chaas | Beetroot Buttermilk | Summer Drink

Beetroot Chaas | Beetroot Buttermilk | Summer Drink

Its just mid march and heat here in Chennai has started shooting up and it has become little difficult to bear the heat in afternoons. I have completely avoided going out during the day and my best time for all shopping happens to be after five in evening.We have planned to go walking after my daughter's semester exam and I hope it must go well as scheduled.

Bitter gourd /Karela Fry | Bitter Melon Fry

Bitter melon which is called bitter gourd or karela in India is one vegetable i hate from my childhood days,even after i started cooking i never buy this vegetable due to its bitter taste. My husband would keep on insist me to include this like other veggies but i never did.This is not the situation now where i started buying this and indulging it. When i made this fry even my kids love it as it does not taste bitter and they finished it off. Do try this way and feed children who hate this vegetable.

Whole Black Urad Dal idli/ dosa

 Black urad dal idli/dosa with step by step pictures.

Idli/ dosa is one staple breakfast is most south Indian homes. I would always keep a batter of it standby in my refrigerator. If I make white rice batter next time I would opt to grind millet batter. You can check many varieties of idli/dosa recipes in my blog. Check the side menu which has a few lists of it. To add to that collection here comes another variety using the whole black variety urad dal. Since the dal is ground wholly the batter will look little greyish. But there is no compromise in taste. You will never feel any different. The whole black dal is very healthy.

Bhindi Masala | Side dish for roti/ chapati

Bhindi masala with step by step pictures.

Bhindi masala is a quick dish that you can make for roti or chapati. It can be made dried or semi-dried. for a completely dried version avoid adding onion or tomato. But when making for roti we always prefer little masala. So add onion which gives body for this masala. If you have less quantity of bhindi you can add capsicum to increase the masala quantity.

Thandai spice powder | Homemade thandai powder

Thandai is a drink prepared on a colorful day, Holi, the starting of the spring season.Although Holi is celebrated in a grand manner in northern India nowadays I see people in the south also enjoy this fun-filled day by splashing color over one another. Two years before I have prepared this drink with instant one-time masala where all ingredients are soaked, ground, mixed with milk and then filtered. You can check that recipe here.

Rava Ragi Idli | Instant Idli | Healthy Breakfast/ Dinner

Instant idli with ragi flour and rava/semoline/sooji.Let us see how to make this simple ,healthy yet delicious idli/steamed cake which is suitable for breakfast or dinner .I already have quite some variety of idli recipes in my blog ,so check the breakcast label and get to know about it.This is an instant version just mixing ingredients and steaming it unlike the ragi idli where you need to soak rice+ millet,grind and allow to ferment.It comes in handy for dinner when you have no clue what to prepare.Do try and I'm sure you will fall in love with it.

Chicken fry white pasta

Chicken fry white pasta with step by step pictures.

Pasta is a super savior recipe when it comes to dinner. When I have no idea what to cook for dinner I mostly prepare pasta. This recipe to cam to our mind for one day dinner when my kids asked for any new recipe. My daughter readily said that she will prepare the dinner and this is her recipe. The only thing I did was clicking and eating.

Green peas kurma

Green peas kurma with step by step pictures.

Green peas kurma is an excellent side dish for appam/ chapati or idiyappam. The addition of the ground coconut masala paste in the gravy enriches the flavor and taste of this kurma. So please don't skip adding it. This kurma can also be made with fresh green peas. Here I have used dried version hence we need to soak and boil the peas.

Nutella Cookies | Eggless Cookies

I wanted to try this Nutella cookie for a long and with much excited I tried a batch last month.While baking there was some burnt smell but I thought its not a problem and it is baking correctly.But I was wrong when I removed it from the oven the lower part all got burnt well and it was too bitter due to that.i was in pain as I wasted more ingredient and to my justification for not wasting I ate few cookies .

Tutti fruity loaf cake | Eggless loaf cake

Eggless tutti-fruity loaf cake with step by step pictures.

This is a simple tea cake that beginner can easily make it. I made this for tea snacks last month. Here I have fully used atta flour. But can also make it with plain flour or a mix of plain+atta. Instead of tutti fruity you can use choc chips or even a mix of dry fruits & nuts.

Pirandai Idli/ Dosa | Adamant Creepers Idli | Healthy Recipe

Priandai Idli/dosa recipe with step by step pictures.

Pirandai is known as “Adamant Creeper” or “Veldt Grape” or “Devil’s Backbone” in English.  It has many health benefits and the one which I read in one of my facebook group is it helps to prevent osteoporosis. It is the best medicine for it, so people suffering from this disorder consume this easy herb at least once a week.
To say the truth I haven't seen or eaten it before or after marriage. The only place I saw it during our Xmas vacation last year in my FIL's coconut yard. It was seen in abundant there and thought to take some while returning Chennai. But I didn't take.

Fish Dum Biryani | how to make fish biryani

Fish dum biryani with step by step pictures.

This is my favorite biryani. Before marriage, I have never eaten this. My first taste was when my husband made it. It was soo tasty and I used to ask him to make it. But there was no time for him when he was on vacation. On our wedding day this year, he made it and decided to blog it.

Brookies | Eggless Brookies

Brookies with step by step pictures.

Brookie is a  brownie and cookie. It will be soft and chewy. If you want your brookies to not spread much keep the dough refrigerated for sometime before baking and then bake. I did so and hence the brookies don't spread much.

Sugarcane juice Pongal | Karumbu charu Pongal

Sugarcane juice Pongal with step by step pictures.

 Happy Pongal to all.

This is a regular Pongal in which sugar cane juice is added for sweetness instead of jaggery. It tastes so good when it is warm. Now is the time to make this as you will have leftover sugarcane from the festival. As I got just a cup of juice it was not able to give the sweetness, hence I added some rock candy.

Rava Kara Pongal | Easy Breakfast Recipe | South Indian Breakfast

rava pongal

Rava / sooji cooked along with moong dal and tempered with spices makes a great breakfast which can  be done in no matter of time.The only time-consuming work is cooking of the dal and all others are so quick.

When you have any leftover idli/ dosa batter in the refrigerator and worried what to cook for breakfast do give a try this Pongal and I'm sure you will love it.I simply served it with instant sambar.

Seem pal | Therattipal | Palm Jaggery- Colostrum Milk sweet

Seem pal/ Colostrum milk sweet with step by step pictures.

Seem pal is very nutritious cow milk that it gives after the birth of a calf. It will be light yellow in color and will be thick. When we were in our Christmas vacation in our native, there came a bottle of this milk. My co-sister made this healthy palkova with palm jaggery. It was so tasty. We just added minimal sweet. You can also use white sugar, jaggery instead of palm jaggery.  It a really time-consuming job. It hardly took one and a half hours to make a liter of the milk.