Fish Dum Biryani | how to make fish biryani

Fish dum biryani with step by step pictures.

This is my favorite biryani. Before marriage, I have never eaten this. My first taste was when my husband made it. It was soo tasty and I used to ask him to make it. But there was no time for him when he was on vacation. On our wedding day this year, he made it and decided to blog it.

Brookies | Eggless Brookies

Brookies with step by step pictures.

Brookie is a  brownie and cookie. It will be soft and chewy. If you want your brookies to not spread much keep the dough refrigerated for sometime before baking and then bake. I did so and hence the brookies don't spread much.

Rava Kara Pongal | Easy Breakfast Recipe | South Indian Breakfast

rava pongal

Rava / sooji cooked along with moong dal and tempered with spices makes a great breakfast which can  be done in no matter of time.The only time-consuming work is cooking of the dal and all others are so quick.

When you have any leftover idli/ dosa batter in the refrigerator and worried what to cook for breakfast do give a try this Pongal and I'm sure you will love it.I simply served it with instant sambar.

Seem pal | Therattipal | Palm Jaggery- Colostrum Milk sweet

Seem pal/ Colostrum milk sweet with step by step pictures.

Seem pal is very nutritious cow milk that it gives after the birth of a calf. It will be light yellow in color and will be thick. When we were in our Christmas vacation in our native, there came a bottle of this milk. My co-sister made this healthy palkova with palm jaggery. It was so tasty. We just added minimal sweet. You can also use white sugar, jaggery instead of palm jaggery.  It a really time-consuming job. It hardly took one and a half hours to make a liter of the milk.