Bitter gourd /Karela Fry | Bitter Melon Fry

Bitter melon which is called bitter gourd or karela in India is one vegetable i hate from my childhood days,even after i started cooking i never buy this vegetable due to its bitter taste. My husband would keep on insist me to include this like other veggies but i never did.This is not the situation now where i started buying this and indulging it. When i made this fry even my kids love it as it does not taste bitter and they finished it off. Do try this way and feed children who hate this vegetable.

Whole Black Urad Dal idli/ dosa

 Black urad dal idli/dosa with step by step pictures.

Idli/ dosa is one staple breakfast is most south Indian homes. I would always keep a batter of it standby in my refrigerator. If I make white rice batter next time I would opt to grind millet batter. You can check many varieties of idli/dosa recipes in my blog. Check the side menu which has a few lists of it. To add to that collection here comes another variety using the whole black variety urad dal. Since the dal is ground wholly the batter will look little greyish. But there is no compromise in taste. You will never feel any different. The whole black dal is very healthy.

Bhindi Masala | Side dish for roti/ chapati

Bhindi masala with step by step pictures.

Bhindi masala is a quick dish that you can make for roti or chapati. It can be made dried or semi-dried. for a completely dried version avoid adding onion or tomato. But when making for roti we always prefer little masala. So add onion which gives body for this masala. If you have less quantity of bhindi you can add capsicum to increase the masala quantity.

Thandai spice powder | Homemade thandai powder

Thandai is a drink prepared on a colorful day, Holi, the starting of the spring season.Although Holi is celebrated in a grand manner in northern India nowadays I see people in the south also enjoy this fun-filled day by splashing color over one another. Two years before I have prepared this drink with instant one-time masala where all ingredients are soaked, ground, mixed with milk and then filtered. You can check that recipe here.

Rava Ragi Idli | Instant Idli | Healthy Breakfast/ Dinner

Instant idli with ragi flour and rava/semoline/sooji.Let us see how to make this simple ,healthy yet delicious idli/steamed cake which is suitable for breakfast or dinner .I already have quite some variety of idli recipes in my blog ,so check the breakcast label and get to know about it.This is an instant version just mixing ingredients and steaming it unlike the ragi idli where you need to soak rice+ millet,grind and allow to ferment.It comes in handy for dinner when you have no clue what to prepare.Do try and I'm sure you will fall in love with it.