2 ingredient strawberry ice cream

2 ingredient ice-cream, yes you read it correctly with just two ingredients you can make this yummy ice cream which doesn't need any fancy machine. I have some whipped powder left and I want to use it in ice cream. When I got some fresh strawberries I decided to make this ice cream. You can make it with any fresh fruit. Since the whipping cream powder has sweet I didn't add any sweetener.

Homemade oats flour

Homemade oats flour with step by step pictures.

Oats flour is so simple and easy to make at home. This flour can be used in many recipes. I do have some of it my blog like oats puttu, oats mor/buttermilk, cookies, bread, cake, etc. Check it by searching in the search box on the right side. You can also mix this flour with the atta and make roti/chapati. Here I have used instant oats but you can also use thick variety.

Rice- Coconut Payasam /Kheer | Payasam recipe

Simple easy to cook payasam at home with the ingredients in your pantry. Rice and coconut will almost be seen in every house and if you crave something sweet then make this kheer/payasam and enjoy.

Caramel popcorn | how to make caramel popcorn at home

Caramel popcorn with step by step pictures.

Caramel popcorn is a quick snack that can be prepared in just a few minutes. To make popcorn the popcorn kernels must be of good quality. I had a few bad experiments trying popcorn with the worst kernels. to check if the kernels are good just drop 1-2 kernels in oil and see. If it pops up well then go further else discard that kernels.

Beetroot Chaas | Beetroot Buttermilk | Summer Drink

Beetroot Chaas | Beetroot Buttermilk | Summer Drink

Its just mid march and heat here in Chennai has started shooting up and it has become little difficult to bear the heat in afternoons. I have completely avoided going out during the day and my best time for all shopping happens to be after five in evening.We have planned to go walking after my daughter's semester exam and I hope it must go well as scheduled.