Eggless Cornflakes Cookies | Cookies Recipe

eggless corn flakes cookies

I bookmarked this recipe long before and every time when i want to try this anyone ingredients either cornflakes or butter won't be in my pantry.Last week i had everything with me so i made this yummy cookies.

Masoor dal dosai/ Mysore paruppu dosa with ration rice (video recipe)

Masoor dal dosa with step by step picture and video

Masoor dal dosa with ration rice.  I don't hesitate to use ration rice in my cooking. Nowadays the rice they give is good and doesn't smell when we cook. I use them in grinding idli/dosa. Moreover, these rice are healthy as it has that outer husk init. Today here I share a dosa recipe in which I have used only the ration rice.


Egg biryani | East one pot meal

Egg Biryani with step by step pictures.

This is one of the simplest and easiest biryani one can make. Even a beginner can make this. There is a little story behind this recipe. One evening my daughter carved for biryani after returning home from college. She was in that carve even the word biryani when she heard made her salivating. She enquired whether I have any meat in the refrigerator. When she found nothing so decided to make this egg biryani and relish it. With little instructions from me, she made it wholly. Even these pictures she took it from her mobile. We had it with onion-curd raitha.

Banana Black Currant Bundt Cake | Mini Bundt Cake

Banana Black Currant Bundt Cake | Mini Bundt Cake

Best way to use overripe bananas is to bake with it.My kids will never touch that banana if they spot any black color on its skin.So I have to force them to eat when the skin is fully yellow.You can also make Unniappam with ripe bananas.

Instant Ragi Dosa | Instant finger millet flour savory crepes

Instant Ragi Dosa | Instant finger millet flour savory crepes

Instant millet flour dosa with step by step pictures.

Instant dosa comes as a savior when we don't find time to grind idli/dosa batter or when clueless what to be cooked for breakfast/dinner. As millet flour is used init this dosa happens to be a healthy one. As I mentioned in my previous post, Kadamba chutney, I served this dosa with that chutney. Here I have used ragi flour but I guess you can use any millet flour in a similar way to make this dosa. If  I try with other flour sure I will write about it here.