Bisibelabath | Sambar Sadham | Pressure Cooker method

Bisibelabath with step step pictures

Easy one pot sambar sadham that too in a pressure cooker. For weekday lunch, after packing lunch for my kids I mostly end up with any leftover from the previous day or simply have my lunch with curd. It was on a day I was left with nothing and I need to make some dish. For a long time I want to make this sambar sadham aka bisibelabath with millets. On that day, I quickly referred some blog and ended up here to make my lunch. I altered the recipe & ingredients according to me and prepared this flavorful rice.

South Indian Filter Coffee | How to make filter coffee

filter coffee

I just love filter coffee but I don't know how to make it perfect. My husband bought me a filter some long years back and i never used it as i don't make a perfect one. Whenever we go for a restaurant I order this filter coffee for me. But things have changed after blogging. Looking at bloggers posting this coffee recipe I to want to try it. After some failure now I can say confidently that I too can make good filter coffee(  hope can make more perfect degree coffee in experience).

Maa Ladoo/ Maladdu | Step by Step Pictures

This is one of the simple, easiest and quickest sweet. when you carve to eat any sweet just try and enjoy. Its also called by nei/ghee urundai,pottukadalai ladoo. The ingredients needed for this will always be in your pantry, so try it and its very easy for the beginners.

Sukku Malli Kaapi | Dry ginger - coriander seeds drink | Sukku Kappi

Sukku kappi with step by step pictures and video.
This is a drink which I often prepare when some feel discomfort in their throat as the pepper and ginger help to reduce it and make you feel better.In our native place, making of this is quite often as we always love a drink with palm jaggery / karupatti.
 If it is difficult to find palm jaggery then you can use palm sugar / panakarkandu.But we always make it with karpattai and that's the best.

Drumstick Leaves Soup | Murungai Keerai Soup | Moringa leaves soup

Moringa/Drumstick  leaves soup with step by step picture and video.

The climate in my part of the world is slowly changing and we are into our rainy season of the year.As the temperature changes, we  face health issues like cold and cough.To overcome this and keep us comfortable we feel to have something hot and soupy.When I had a bunch of these super power leaves, drumstick leaves I made this soup for a day when all at home had running nose and cold which made us little better.

Turmeric tea | how to make turmeric tea | weight loss tea

Turmeric tea with step by step pictures.

Turmeric is a yellow-orange spice used in curries and sauces. In Indian curries the use of the spice powder is mandatory. No spicy recipes can be found without it. It comes from the turmeric root. The spice has been used for its medicinal, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties for thousands of years.