Homemade Rice Ada | Kitchen Basics

Gone are the days when I search shops for this ada to make payasam. After coming to this blogging world I have learned that it can be very easily made at home. Without much writing, let's go off to it.

Chakka Pradhaman | Jackfruit Preserve /Jam Coconut milk pudding | Onam Recipe

chakka pradhaman

After making oats jackfruit appam i was left with half of the jackfruit preserve which i made before. Since Onam is nearing i want to make pradhaman with it and post it before.I make pudding/dessert only week ends and hence a week before i made this on a Sunday.Making this is so simple just mix the jam /preserve in thin coconut milk milk, add in sweetening agent, then thick coconut milk and switch off.Let us see it in details.

Kalan -Kerala Recipe | Onam Sadya Recipe | Kurukku Kalan Recipe

Kalan recipe

Kalan is one dish which is served in the sadya meal which is nothing but yam/raw plantain  or both cooked in coconut-yogurt masala paste.It must cook carefully as curd/yogurt may tends to curdle.I prepared this today along with sambar which was so yummy.I slightly adopted the recipe from here.

Toor dal dosa | Easy breakfast/ dinner recipe

Toor dal dosa with step by step pictures.

Toor dal dosa is a quick dosa variety that can be made for breakfast or dinner. This dosa can be made without fermentation. I have already posted a masoor dal recipe with a video. If you want you can check it here.

Aval Ladoo/ Balls | Poha ladoo | Healthy Snack

Aval Ladoo with step by step pictures.

Aval/poha ladoo is a simple snacks to make in jiffy. When sweet carve strikes and not mood to make elobarate one try to make this simplest one and enjoy. Here I have used a mix of cane sugar and white sugar but you can either with any one sugar of mix of both. Also if you prefer making it sugar free just add more pitted dates and grind it and make balls.

Carrot Coconut Burfi | Easy Indian Sweet Recipe | Video Recipe

Diwali is just  round the corner which we can easily witness in this digital world where bloggers posting more sweets and savories.I too have posted few of it and to add in it comes this burfi.I referred my coconut burfi and did it, as it is so simple to make.Just mix everything in a pan and keep stirring till it leaves the sides.One small suggestion from my side is to reduce the sugar level a bit.Because 2 cups looks more sweet for me after I made it so better reduce it to 1 &3\4 cup.But If you like more sweeter version then can go for 2 cups.