Butterfly pea tea | Blue tea ( Video recipe)


Butterfly blue tea is nothing but a tea made with  "Sangu flower". There are two colors in this flower, white and blue. Blue colored flower is used to make this tea.

This tea has some health benefits such as being full of antioxidants and good for your eyes. This tea doesn't have any flavor. Butterfly pea flowers are kind of considered an "herb" in many countries. I have this plant in my terrace garden.  You can just add hot water to the flower and drink or else can squeeze lemon juice which changes the color and then can have it.

Preparation time: 5mins

Cooking time: 5mins

Recipe type: drink

Recipe cuisine: Continental


Author: Babitha


Butterfly pea flower(fresh/dried)-6

Hot water

Lime juice- 1 tsp


1. Add fresh/dried flowers in a glass.

2.Pour hot water and wait for the color to steep well.
3. Drink as such or with lemon juice. ( that magenta color is due to the addition of lemon juice)

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