Ginger -Lemongrass Tea | Tea with milk

lemongrass tea

Ginger-lemongrass tea with step by step pictures and video.

I mostly prefer tea/chai for the evening and my day always starts with a cup of coffee. Since my kids don't drink tea or coffee I usually make simple tea or cardamom or ginger tea else combination of both. I have a small garden on my terrace where I grow some flowering plants, a banana tree, and a few kitchen greens. You can check the pictures on my Instagram account. I bought a lemongrass plant long back and had not used it in many recipes. On googling I found it's very useful for weight reduction and decided to first try a tea with it. With the aroma of lemongrass & ginger, the tea tastes so unique and I have decided to make it often.

Kesar Kaju Katli | Saffron Flavoured Cashew Burfi | Indian Sweet

Sweets/desserts always cheer me up and hence I always prefer to start a new month with a sweet note.Kaju katli/ cashew burfi is commonly liked by all and my kids to love it.This Kesar Kaju katli has an extra flavour of saffron in it.I already have some methods of kaju katli in my little space,you can check instant method and regular method by clicking the link.

Yellow corn puttu | Corn meal steamed cake

Corn Puttu with step by step pictures.

Puttu is a steamed breakfast which is considered healthy. It is one of the main breakfast recipes in the state of Kerala. There they serve with kadalai curry, cooked payaru (green grams)-papad, chicken/mutton gravy and for the sweet version they give sugar and banana. I always love to have my puttu with banana and sugar.

Channa dal sundal | Kadalai paruppu sundal | Sundal recipe


Channa dal Sundal with step by step pictures and video.

Sundal is usually made during navarathri . Any legumes/dal can be made as sundal. It is a protein-packed dish and healthy. If you are making this during festival avoid garlic or else if you make it on other days you can use 2-3 cloves of garlic while tempering. Channa dal, moong dal. masoor dal, etc all of it can be cooked and made as sundal. 

Masala Tea | how to make spiced milk tea


Masala tea

Masala tea with step by step pictures and video.

Tea/chai is a staple drink in many households in India. Each one makes it in their own way. Here I have used ginger, cloves, cinnamon, and cloves. But some will use fennel seeds and a dash of nutmeg also.

Thinnai/Foxtail Millet Spicy Pongal | Healthy Breakfast

Thinnai/foxtail millet with step by step pictures.

I always have an obsession with millet and I love to try all south Indian recipes with it. I have tried idli/dosa, puttu, idiyappam( string hoppers), khichadi, etc with many millets. Although I love sweet Pongal, kara Pongal is family favorite and all love to have it hot. So I see that I make it during weekends to all to relish it hot.

Instant Murukku | Leftover rice chakli (Video recipe)


Leftover rice murukku with step by step pictures and video.

Murukku/chakli is a common snack quite popular all over India. For any festival, people prepare it at home. Many variety and shapes it can be prepared. It is also available in all departmental stores.  Nowadays people try making this murukku in a different way and one such way is this method. If you have any leftover rice try this murukku.

Mealmaker Kebab | Soya chunks Kebab

Mealmaker / Soya nuggets kebab with step by step pictures.Meal makers are rich in proteins and are quite easily available in all departmental shops , now a days even all vegetable vendors sell this.Whenever I buy a packet of this, my kids first choice would be meal maker 65  since they love that the most as it looks and tastes like chicken fry.If the dinner menu is chapati then sometime it would be soya chunk masala. 
 If you are looking for vegan patties for your burger then do try this soya chunk patties.
 Let's see how to make this soya kebab.

Goosberry / Amla Pickle | Instant Pickle Recipe

amla pickle

Amla pickle with step by step pictures and video.

 Amla is very rich in vitamin c and has a great immunity power. This pickle can be made very quickly and tastes yummy.  My daughter starting liking this more and whenever I make this she just finishes it very quickly, she even eats it with chapati. Keep it under the refrigerator if using after a day.Try this easy pickle and enjoy it.

Broccoli Soup | Cream of Broccoli

cream of broccoli
Broccoli is one of the fibre rich food which has many nutrients, minerals and vitamins.It supports heart's health.Its high anti-inflammatory fight helps to fight against allergies and inflammation. It so easy to have this vegetable, just chop it and get stir fry and eat it. Some days before I posted cauliflower soup and just followed the same method to make this soup.