Masala Tea | how to make spiced milk tea


Masala tea

Masala tea with step by step pictures and video.

Tea/chai is a staple drink in many households in India. Each one makes it in their own way. Here I have used ginger, cloves, cinnamon, and cloves. But some will use fennel seeds and a dash of nutmeg also.

Let us see how I made.

Preparation time:5 mins

Cooking time:10mins

Recipe type: drink

Recipe cuisine: indian


Author: Babitha


Ginger- 2inch piece



Cinnamon- a stick

Milk-1/2 litre

Tea powder- 3 tsp

Water-  1 Cup

Sugar to taste

1. Take the spices and crush it in motar pedestal

2 Boil tea powder in water and the crushed spices.

3. Boil milk and add the tea mix to it and allow to boil till it reaches the colour you needed.

4 Then switch off.

5. Add sugar and mix till froth.
Serve hot.

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