Curry Leaves infused Fish Fry | Curry Leaf Flavored Vanjaram Fish Fry

On our wedding anniversary for a change we made fish curry, this fish fry and tempered tapioca for a special dinner for our family from regular chicken or mutton.Actually it was super tasty and we felt that we had a great dinner after a long time that too our village food.

Eggless Tutti Fruity Muffins | Multi Grained Muffins | Christmas Bakes

If you are looking for an easy eggless muffins then this one comes in handy.Here I completely avoided plain flour and used multi grain flour .Trust me it was so soft,moist and make a great combo for tea/coffee.Do try this healthy muffins and surprise your family 

Munthiri Kothu | Kanyakumari Special Christmas Recipe

Munthiri Kothu with step by step pictures.

This recipe is one of the famous recipes in the southern district of Tamilnadu. "Munthiri" which means cashew and "Kothu" means a bunch. If you happen to visit any places down south during Christmas you can find the recipes in almost all houses. Whenever we return from there after Christmas  I make sure to load some of this with me. I love this recipe to the core and was happily making it here in Chennai in my kitchen.I gathered some information from my sister-in-law and proceeded to make it. As doing alone for the first time I just made a very small quantity. I regret it as it quickly got vanished.

Soya beans Dosai | Soya Beans Crepes | Breakfast Recipe

Soya beans dosa with step by step picture and video.

After the soya beans dry curry , here comes the next recipe with soya beans which is south Indian famous dosa recipe.In addition to the health factor this dosa is very crispy and cooks very fast.Do give a try once as you cannot find any difference from the regular one and we get satisfied feeding protein filled food to family.

Black rice idli/dosa

Black rice idli/dosa with step by step pictures.

Being a south Indian idli/dosa is one of our regular breakfast or dinner. Apart from regular white rice idli/dosa, I try to make a batter with many millets. When a bought a pack of this black rice I have an idea to make idli/dosa with it. After making black rice /Kavuni rice payasam I decided to try this breakfast recipe and it turned out super soft and tasty. You will never notice any difference in taste except the color.

Pineapple Peel Wine | Homemade Wine | Christmas Recipe

It is just 35 days to Christmas and I can't say how fast time goes as I'm still on the days of my previous Christmas celebration.Wine make an integral part of that celebration.As a blogger, I want to try different variety of it.In September when I got a pineapple I decided first to make wine with the peel of it and hence this recipe.I referred this page for my preparation. You can try this easy wine for this Christmas.

Homemade Chicken Popcorn | Chicken Recipe | Step by Step pictures

chicken popcorn

My toddler son is very much fond of this whenever we go to any fried chicken shops his favourite and only dish will be this.I wanted to make this for him searched got some idea and made it.Make this for your kids they will surely like it no doubt.

Dal Rasam | Paruppu Rasam | Cooked Lentils in spiced tamarind water

Some gravy/recipe may look simple but so comforting that can be had with simple pickle which tastes the best and make us feel as if we had some great meal.This dal rasam to comes in the same category which looks quite easy but tastes awesome and hence this rasam can be called as comforting food when you are soo lazy to prepare heavy lunch.Yesterday when i was confused about the lunch preparation suddenly this strikes my head and decided to make.We had it with bhindi/okra stir fry,and papad.There may be any traditional way to make this rasam but i made it in my way.

Pori Urundai | Murmura Ladoo | Puffed Rice Balls

Pori Urundai | Murmura Ladoo | Puffed Rice Balls

Pori urundai with step by step pictures.

Pori urundai is a sweet ball made with puffed rice, jaggery, and cardamom powder. This sweet is usually made for Karthigai deepam festival, which is festival of light, on which people lit hundreds of earthern lamps on the house. When I was a kid I remember our neighbour litting many lamps on the compound wall and we use to enjoy the sight. The best part is they will share kozhukattai with us. One of it would be made with palm leaves and just love it. I want to try that but don't know where I will get that tender palm leaves.

Red Rice Idli | Healthy South Indian Breakfast

Red Rice Idli | Healthy South Indian Breakfast

Idli is one breakfast which is quite common in many south Indian houses.Though it is easy to make it is very healthy since it is steamed and it can be given to a sick person or babies.

Priandai Thuvaiyal/ chutney - 2 Types | Adamant Creeper Chutney

Priandai Thuvaiyal/ chutney - 2 Types | Adamant Creeper Chutney

Pirandai thogayal with step by step pictures.

After posting sweet dishes for Diwali here I am with a healthy thogayal which can be mixed up with rice or can be served for idli/dosa. If using for idli/dosa slightly make it dilute with some water.Here I have posted two types of making it in which one is with coconut and the other without. For one without coconut I sourced it from here and for other, I tried my own version.

Easy Snack For Diwali | Savory Snack

I have just made a small collection of the some deep fried snack that you can easily at home for this diwali.It may look like hard to make but I assure you that its damn easy to make.Do give a try and stay healthy with home made recipe.

Easy savory snack to try for this Diwali.Click each recipe name to see the detailed procedure.

Wheat Flour Muruku

Easy Snack For Diwali | Savory Snack 

Boondhi Ladoo - My 300th post | Festive Sweet Recipe | Diwali Sweet

boondi ladoo

I am so happy to write my 300th post today.It had been one year and five months since I started to blog and its journey gained me some good friends from all around the world. Your comments, suggestions,etc were like energy boosters for me and helped me to go on. Do continue to support me and since it's a special day let's celebrate it with a sweet as no occasion or festival is complete without a sweet.

Jalebi | Saffron Jalebi | Instant Jalebi | Festival Sweet Recipe

Jalebi is on of the most famous Indian sweet which is quite popular throughout the country.Imarti / Jhangari and jalebi almost involve the same procedure but the former is made with urad dal and the latter, jellaba with flour. The process of making this sweet ,jalebi  involves making the batter and allowing it to ferment for 8-10 hours. But here I have used a shortcut method of using cooking soda.I slightly adapted this recipe from Tarla dal page but in it, they have used yeast which I altered by using baking soda.

Thinnai Adhirasam | Foxtail Millet Jaggery Sweet | Diwali Sweet

Thinnai adhirasam with step by step pictures.

For this year Diwali recipe, I have decided to try some sweet and savories with millets. Let me see how for it goes smoothly and How many recipes I try. To begin with, I tried this adhirasam with thinnai arisi. I am a big fan of this adhirasam and hence I tried this first. Making this millet adhirasam is same as regular adhirasam only with the difference in millet in the place of rice. All the other procedure remains the same. I added more syrup into the flour. So the next day I couldn't make balls correctly. I resolved it by adding some wheat flour. So be careful not to add all the jaggery syrup.

Motichoor ladoo | How to make motichoor ladoo

Motichoor ladoo with step by step picture.

Motichoor ladoo are made with very fine shaped boondhi, fried and soaked up in sugar syrup. Unlike boondhi ladoo here the boondhis are very fine. To make it very fine here a specially perforated ladle is used. I bought this ladle last year and tried this ladoo. But I didn't get fine balls hence didn't blog about it. This time I gathered tips from many pages and I some what made smaller ones from my previous batch. The trick is while making boondhi after pouring the batter over the ladle immediately have to tap/bang over a weight so that the boondhi falls in tiny forms in the hot oil. Don't worry if you didn't get smaller boondhi, get give a coarse grind in a mixer and make ladoo.

Quinoa Murukku | Quinoa Flour Chakli | Healthy Snack

Quinoa Murukku | Quinoa Flour Chakli | Healthy Snack

Quinoa murukku with step by step picture.

Healthy muruku / chakli with quinoa flour, rice flour and roasted dal ( potukadalai) flour.I bought this quinoa flour along with my whole grain quinoa from Amazon.I tried quinoa curd rice with the grain but this flour was just sitting in my pantry waiting to get noticed.Though I made pancakes with it a day I didn't click to write about it.So this murukku makes the first recipe to blog about it.Hope I will try more recipe with this flour and blog about it.

Chana Masala | Restaurant Type Chole Masala

Chana Masala | Restaurant Type Chole Masala

Chana Masala with step by step picture.

Whenever I make Poori/puri for breakfast my daughter always prefer this chole masala.So during weekends, I make sure that I soak channa the previous night for this. This masala is the best combo for poori, appam, chapatti and can even have it with rice.

Beef Mappas | Beef Cooked in Coconut Milk

beef mappas

Beef is a meat which i prepare more often after chicken while mutton is least preferred in my house.This recipe when i saw it here want to try it & it was a super doper hit.Do give a try once & i"m damn sure you will make it again and again.I usually buy  a  tender variety of beef (veal) which is very soft meat type compared to beef.

Sweet Corn Sundal | Easy Snack Recipe

Sweet corn sundal with step by step pictures.

Sweet corn in one of the maize variety which is loved by all people.It is plucked before they are matured as maturation involves conversion of sugar to starch so as to  be eaten as vegetable rather than a grain.It is said cooked corn has anti-cancer properties to try to include it in your diet.Due to the sweet taste it is  a great hit among young ones.By adding salt & spice one can just eat the boiled corn or without spice.In this i have just tempered and added coconut for more flavor.

Barnyard millet/Kuthirivalli Vegetable Khichadi | Millet Recipe

barnyard millet khichadi

As we all know the goodness of millets and many have started using it regularly .I have tried all millets variety and made many recipes,you can check in recipe index.mostly i make pongal with millets and i want to try khichadi with it and tried a day.Healthy and tasty food recipe in just 10mins.

Pidi Karunai Roast


Pidi karunai roast with step by step picture and video.

Pidi karunai roast/ pidi karunai tawa fry is a simple side for rice This can be easily made. The only time consuming part is cooking of the vegetable.Here I cooked in open pot method. But you can even pressure cook.In that case don't overcook just 1-2 whistle will be more than enough.This side dish is a good pair for any gravy/kuzhambu and hot steaming rice. You can also make seppakilangu in the same way.

Thenga Manga Pattani Sundal | Beach Sundal | Sundal Recipes

thenga mangai pattani sundal
If you have been to Marina Beach you would have seen many selling this sundal variety mostly people buy this and enjoy it in beach hence the name beach sundal.

Palak Khicadi | how to make palak khichdi

Palak Khicadi | how to make palak khichdi

Palak khichadi/ Spinach Dal recipe with step by step pictures and video.

After trying out an easy method of Bisibelabath I want to try my hand on khichdi. I have tried khichdi with rava/sooji, I want particularly try this khichdi with the khichdi dal available in the market. If you don't seem to get this dal then use regular moong dal. Khichdi is somewhat similar to pongal whereas in Pongal we don't use any vegetable but her in this khichdi you can use a mix of vegetables or else like this recipe, palak khichdi.

Mutton rib bone soup | Mutton bone soup | how to make soup


Mutton bone soup with step by step pictures and video.

Mutton bone soup is a healthy soup which is usually served with for people who are anemic. Soups are good for cold weathers.The healthy non-veg soup keeps the body temperature warm. This soup is good to drink in mornings, lunch as well as dinners. This is simple and quick to make soup with bones in a pressure cooker. This can be served as such as soup or can be mixed with hot steaming rice and can have.

Tapioca /Maravalli killangu Maisyal | Side Dish for Rice

மரவள்ளி கிழங்கு /Tapioca is one of my favorites, which I can take it any time of the day in any way.I like to have it plain with some spicy fish curry and some times I make like this kottu version for rice. This tapioca is available in papad/appalam form in our native district which I never miss buying when we go there.

Besan ladoo | Indian sweet

Besan ladoo with step by step pictures.

Besan ladoo is one of the easiest sweet to make. It just needs very few ingredients. There are some keen points to have in mind while making this sweet. First, the roasting of the besan flour. You have to roast the besan flour well in ghee for at least 20 mins. You need patience in doing it. keep the flame low and roast it well till it changes its color to a darker shade. If you skip roasting well you make end up having ladoo with the raw smell of the flour. And the second thing is adding the sugar powder after the roasted flour is cooled well. If you add before it you will not be able to make balls.

Red Amarnath Leaves Stir Fry | Sigappu Keerai Thoran (Poriyal)

red amarnath leaves stir fry

Greens are very healthy as there are rich on iron, fibre and many nutrients.But nowadays many hesitate to buy the greens because of the hygiene in handling the leaves by the seller/vendor and place where these are grown.We cannot assure the cleanliness but we can clean it  well in more and more water or with rock salt dissolved in water.

Turmeric Milk | Golden Milk | Haldi Doodh

Turmeric milk with step by step pictures.

Turmeric milk which is also referred to as golden milk is the addition of fresh turmeric roots/rhizome or turmeric powder in milk. This drink is an age-old home remedy/medicine for cold/cough symptoms and indigestion. This drink is rich anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory property. although it is good it also has some side effects causing stomach upset, nausea, dizziness or diarrhea. So when consuming this drink take a break after a week and consume this drink.

Coconut Milk Rice/pulao | Thengai paal Sadam

coconut milk pulao

Coconut milk pulao with step by step pictures and Video.

Its  1st July and  we are in the second half of 2015 couldn't guess how fast months move on.Although it goes the same way we all feel that days are passing  very fast.I pray that God must grant his mercy to fulfil all my resolution i took at the beginning of the year.If you too are in the same situation don't lose hope firmly believe in God and do you best and surely you will achieve it with HIS great mercy.
Sunday meal is always special with either biryani or fried rice or pulao with a must chicken/mutton/beef. Sunday while thinking what to make for lunch a thought rose to make this coconut milk rice and made it.It was super tasty with very mild spiciness and i am sure kiddos will surely like it.

Mangalore Buns | Banana poori/puri


Mangalore buns with step by step pictures and video.

Mangalore buns is nothing but banana poori which is deep fried. It is made by making a dough with mashed banana, flour and spice,  which is given some resting hours. After it is rolled into small poori's and deep fried. With the addition of banana these pooris are super soft and delicious. Do give a try and i'm sure you will fall in love with it.  An over-riped banana can also be used for it. An authentic recipe uses refined flour(maida) but here I have used a mix if maida and atta.

Fudgy Brownies | Double Chocolate Brownies


If you are looking for something rich in chocolate then this brownie is the one for them , sinfully chocolaty and it tastes awesome and I bet you just can't stop  with a piece.I had cooking chocolates left  which I actually bought to make a cake for my son's birthday.Since it was exam time for my daughter & she  won't study if I arrange for a party I dropped my plan and this chocolate was left untouched. Although my kids ate few pieces of it there were some left which I used it here to make this brownie. Do try this and enjoy .

Wheat flour sweet pidi kozhukattai

Wheat flour sweet pidi kozhukattai with step by step picture and video.

Wheat flour sweet pidi kozhukattai is a simple to make easy kozhukatti. Unlike pooran kozhukattai where we have to make outer dough , inner stuffing , make the outer dough into a shape , fill with the proan and steam, here just mix all the ingredients make into shape and steam it. We can make this with any flour, ,millet, rice flour, etc.
Let us see how to make this.

Sweet stuffed Foxtail millet kozhukattai /Mothagam | Healthy Kozhukattai

In my previous post of kozhukkai( Foxtail millet paal kozhukatai) i wrote about another version than this is the one.Yes this is a stuffed version of healthy kozhukattai ,try making these and enjoy the festival.

Instant Oats Idli- Easy Breakfast | Step by Step

Instant Oats Idli- Easy Breakfast | Step by Step

Instant oats idli with step by step pictures And video.

Easy instant, healthy idli with oats.When you don't any batter in the refrigerator make this idli and enjoy.It is somewhat similar to rava idli except for the addition of roasted oats flour.

Seedai | salt and sweet version | Festive recipe

Seedai with step by step pictures.

Seedai is a deep-fried snack which is made with rice flour and urad dal flour. A dough is made with both flours along with salt and spices for salt version. For the sweet version, jaggery water ( jaggery just melted is water)is used. Though we don't celebrate these festive I love to make recipe related to each festival.

Aval Kesari | Rice flakes/Poha Sheera | Indian Sweets

This aval kesari is so easy to make like the most easy kesar,rava  kesari which hardly need around thirty minutes.When ever you have sudden carving doe any sweet ,like me ;;) then make this and relish it.Here i have used red thick variety rice flakes/aval but you can use any variety.If using thin variety then reduce the water amount.

Ragi Halwa | Finger Millet Halwa

Ragi Halwa | Finger Millet Halwa

Ragi/finger millet halwa with step by step pictures.

This is my last millet recipe for this Diwali. As promised I tried few of it and I hope I try furthermore in the near future. This ragi halwa I prepared by soaking, grinding, extracting the milk and mixing. It is quite a lengthy process and worth trying it. I followed my wheat halwa method except that I omitted the caramelization step. Also in this halwa, I have replaced white sugar with pure cane sugar.

Kathirikai podi curry | Brinjal podi masala (video recipe)


Kathirikai podi curry with step y step picture and video.

Brinjal podi masala is simple to make side dish for rice. With the rosted masala powder this dish will taste awesome. It's a perfect combo with rasam or mor kuzhambu. If you like brinjal then you will surely like it.

Puli Inji Recipe | Onam Sadya Recipe ( video recipe)

Puli Inji with step by step picture and video.

Puli Inji is one of the dishes served in Onam Sadya. It is somewhat similar to pickle. Grated or chopped ginger in cooked and simmered in spiced tamarind juice till it becomes thick. It stays wells for a week.
 I got this recipe from here. Try this easiest recipe with ginger and enjoy with your rice.

Carrot Payasam (kheer) | Gajar Ki Kheer | Sweet Recipe

carrot payasam

This dessert is one of the easiest and quickest recipe.This is also one way making kids eat vegetable.I just love the yellow colour of the dessert.

Thinnai Sweet Paniyaram | Foxtail Millet Appam

Thinnai Sweet Paniyaram | Foxtail Millet Appam

Thinnai/Foxtail millet Sweet Paniyaram with step by step pictures.

If you are a regular reader you might know me that I love millets and I try different recipes from sweets to savories with it. I have a big sweet tooth and if the recipe I try is sweet I would immediately try it. On a leave day when children are at home I decided to try this paniyaram for an evening snack, hence soaked the millet in the morning.

Little Millet Sweet Pongal / Samai Sarkarai Pongal | Healthy Sweet Pongal Recipe

I love sarkarai pongal and i want to post in during pongal itself but unfortunately we were on a short vacation to yelagiri i couldn't prepare and post it.I was longing to eat sarkari pongal so yesterday i made poori for other and made this samai sarkari pongal for me(as i  like sweet dishes more).Its such an easy recipe,try and eat healthy pongal.

Chettinad Fish Curry - Meen Kuzhumbu | Fish Recipe

chettinad fish kuzhambu

Fish curry is one of the most preferred one for all seafood lovers and we to prepare them in most  days of a week.Some days fish curry sometime veg gravy and fish fry.This chettinad curry stands for its unique fresh masala.

Nutella Brownies | 3 Ingredients Brownies | Easy Brownie Recipe

 Today i am here with an easy brownies recipe ,just three ingredients.I had a bottle of nutella sitting on my pantry for a long time.When i browsed for recipes with it cam across this and decided to go with slight changes in measure.Without any more delay lets go off to the recipe.

Red Capsicum Chutney | Red Bell Pepper- Tomato Dip | Side Dish for Idli/Dosa

Red Capsicum Chutney | Red Bell Pepper- Tomato Dip | Side Dish for Idli/Dosa

Red capsicum chutney with step by step pictures.

An easy side dish for idli/ dosa which is less spicy and tasty.I have not used coconut in this recipe but if you prefer you can add some coconut.The color was so attractive appealing and tempting.

Kerala Chicken Curry / Nadan chicken curry | Step wise pictures

Sunday means either chicken/mutton or sometimes beef.Last Sunday while thinking about it was to try a new recipes from my regular one.I love kerala dishes very much i don't know why may be i am from nagercoil,the border of kerala i love all their dishes.Made this spicy chicken curry and we all loved it.Give a try once and i am  sure you will make it again and again.

Kunafa balls / vermicelli truffles


Kunafa balls aka vermicelli truffles with step by step pictures and video.

Kunafa balls is a simple to make dessert/sweet. With just 2 main ingredients you can make this recipe.If you crave for sweet then just make this and relish.With no further more story lets us go to the recipe.

Soya Kheema Sandwich | Mealmaker Sandwich | Step by Step

Soya kheema sandwich is a healthy sandwich prepared with the masala prepared with mashed, cooked meal maker and spices. It can be served for breakfast or dinner or even for kids lunch box.