Little Millet Sweet Pongal / Samai Sarkarai Pongal | Healthy Sweet Pongal Recipe

I love sarkarai pongal and i want to post in during pongal itself but unfortunately we were on a short vacation to yelagiri i couldn't prepare and post it.I was longing to eat sarkari pongal so yesterday i made poori for other and made this samai sarkari pongal for me(as i  like sweet dishes more).Its such an easy recipe,try and eat healthy pongal.

Chettinad Fish Curry - Meen Kuzhumbu | Fish Recipe

chettinad fish kuzhambu

Fish curry is one of the most preferred one for all seafood lovers and we to prepare them in most  days of a week.Some days fish curry sometime veg gravy and fish fry.This chettinad curry stands for its unique fresh masala.

Nutella Brownies | 3 Ingredients Brownies | Easy Brownie Recipe

 Today i am here with an easy brownies recipe ,just three ingredients.I had a bottle of nutella sitting on my pantry for a long time.When i browsed for recipes with it cam across this and decided to go with slight changes in measure.Without any more delay lets go off to the recipe.

Red Capsicum Chutney | Red Bell Pepper- Tomato Dip | Side Dish for Idli/Dosa

Red Capsicum Chutney | Red Bell Pepper- Tomato Dip | Side Dish for Idli/Dosa

Red capsicum chutney with step by step pictures.

An easy side dish for idli/ dosa which is less spicy and tasty.I have not used coconut in this recipe but if you prefer you can add some coconut.The color was so attractive appealing and tempting.

Kerala Chicken Curry / Nadan chicken curry | Step wise pictures

Sunday means either chicken/mutton or sometimes beef.Last Sunday while thinking about it was to try a new recipes from my regular one.I love kerala dishes very much i don't know why may be i am from nagercoil,the border of kerala i love all their dishes.Made this spicy chicken curry and we all loved it.Give a try once and i am  sure you will make it again and again.

Kunafa balls / vermicelli truffles


Kunafa balls aka vermicelli truffles with step by step pictures and video.

Kunafa balls is a simple to make dessert/sweet. With just 2 main ingredients you can make this recipe.If you crave for sweet then just make this and relish.With no further more story lets us go to the recipe.

Soya Kheema Sandwich | Mealmaker Sandwich | Step by Step

Soya kheema sandwich is a healthy sandwich prepared with the masala prepared with mashed, cooked meal maker and spices. It can be served for breakfast or dinner or even for kids lunch box.

Beetroot Bread | Healthy Homemade Bread

Beetroot Bread | Healthy Homemade Bread

Baking bread at home is also fun and kinda rejuvenating.Though I have baked baked bread / buns at home it was some long back may be two years before.So last week I decided to try my hand on yeast and tried masala spinach buns which was a massive it.We has it for dinner with mixed vegetable bhaji.

Palak Puri/Poori | Spinach Poori | South Indian Breakfast

My kids love puri/ poori.It had become difficult to make them eat greens and so I added them to it and gave.You can make roti also with the same dough ,I made roti for me poori for them.

Chicken sausage/ quick side dish for roti(video recipe)

Chicken sausage with video.

This is quite easy to make which makes a good side dish for roti,chapati.This can be prepared in few minutes. You can use any sausage variety.

Idiyappam | how to make idiyappam

Idiyappam with step by step pictures and video

Idiyappam/ string hoppers  is a recipe which is easily digestable as it is steamed cooked. we can make this strings hoppers with any millet flours also.Here I have used rice flour.

Bread Halwa | Easy Dessert with Bread

Bread halwa a sweet which comes in handy when there no special ingredients in the pantry  to make a sweet.Usually, in many marriages, I have seen they serve this sweet in banana leaf when the main course is biryani.This sweet taste awesome after having heavy biryani.Have you not tasted this combo ,then do try in the home.

Vada Curry | Steamed Low Fat Version | Side for Idli /Dosa

Vada curry

I have not made vada curry at home not even tasted @ restaurant but seeing about it many sites even in priya's who has two recipes(version) of it thought why not try.I was confused whether kids will like it but to my surprise they too loved it.Thanks priya for the wonderful recipe.

Soya beans Dosai | Soya Beans Crepes | Breakfast Recipe

After the soya beans dry curry , here comes the next recipe with soya beans which is south Indian famous dosa recipe.In addition to the health factor this dosa is very crispy and cooks very fast.Do give a try once as you cannot find any difference from the regular one and we get satisfied feeding protein filled food to family.

Sweet Potato stir fry | Side Dish for Rice

 I remember one of aunt saying about the benefit of this sweet potatoes and how this can be easily smashed and feed for babies from seven months.I always have a liking towards this potato and can eat in what ever way it is cooked.sometimes I just cook and serve as evening snacks making balls of  it along with grated coconut and sugar.Mostly I cooked and then add some spicy masala made with coconut and spice to serve as side for rice.

Eggless Cornflakes Cookies | Cookies Recipe

eggless corn flakes cookies

I bookmarked this recipe long before and every time when i want to try this anyone ingredients either cornflakes or butter won't be in my pantry.Last week i had everything with me so i made this yummy cookies.

Spinach Buns | Masala Palak Pav | Healthy Pav/Bun

Spinach Buns | Masala Palak Pav | Healthy Bun

Masala Spinach pav/buns with step by step pictures.

Spinach is a healthy green which is used widely everywhere. We can make a variety of dishes with this healthy green, together with dal or just stir fry or in salad and many more. Add its puree to make Indian flatbread varieties is also a way of including it. Here I have used the puree to make buns/pav. Adding other spices to it make this pav and an excellent snack or a dinner roll.

Chicken Tikka | Stove Top Chicken Tikka | Chicken Recipe

It had been a long time since I made tikka at home.The last one I made was this paneer tikka  which was more than a year ago.Last month end was my daughter's birthday and I made it again this tikka but this time I made it on stove top.My son enjoyed it  a lot and asked me to make it frequent.Last Sunday I planned to make it to fulfill their wish with chicken.It very easy to make these tikka at home with very few ingredients.

Raw Papaya Curry | Raw Papaya Thoran | Side Dish for Rice

The first time I tasted this kootu was at my sister-in-law's house, amazed by the taste I enquired her what was it.When revealed it was raw papaya I was shocked as it was so tasty and yummy.Ever since that, I want to try it at home.Back Chennai I always look for raw papaya at vegetable vendors but fail to find it.When I see a papaya tree with fruit I would say, my kids, we should try pluck one or two to make dishes but my daughter would scold me for it.

Mango Loaf cake | Eggless mango cake in pan.


Eggless mango cake with step by step picture and video.

This mango cake is so simple and easy to make. You don't need an oven for it to bake. A pan is enough to bake it. Just maida and rava along with simple ingredients we get an aromatic mango flavored cake.As mangoes are in season do try this for snack with hot cup of tea.Let us see how to make this.

Instant Mango Pickle | Mango Pickle

mango pickle

Instant mango pickle, with just a few ingredients a tasty pickle in few minutes. Unlike the vadu mango pickle which requires weeks of soaking the baby mangoes in salt this pickle will take hardly  10 mins if cutting of the mango is done prior to  cooking.Mostly  this pickle will be in onam sadya lso in vegetarian marriage meal. So simple to make and taste delicious with any rice.

Roofhafza Mojito | how to make mojito

Roofhafza mojito is an excellent summer drink with a unique taste. It is one of the best thirst quenchers with mild taste of lemon, mint, and rose. If you don't have roofhafza just add rose syrup.

Sura /Shark Fish Puttu( video recipe)

fish puttu

Sura puttu with step by step pictures and video.

As i have said earlier fish is a must in our daily lunch,since my kids get bored eating daily i use now and then.This sura puttu taste awesome and will be liked by all if u try,Sura fish is good for feeding mothers as it secrete more milk.

Orange Flavored Muffins | Oats- Orange Muffins | Healthy Muffins

Another breakfast muffins with oats, wheat flour, egg, and oranges.When it comes to cupcakes I admit I'm obsessed and love trying a variety of it by changing the ingredients.When our fruit basket had some oranges I was eyeing to make muffins with it and did it yesterday for an after-school snack.

Saffron Rice | Saffron Flavored Pulao | Lunch Box Recipe

Saffron pulao with step by step pictures.

Yesterday was my son's birthday though we have postponed the celebration to Friday due to my daughter's exam I made a simple chocolate cake , this saffron rice and  chilli chicken for us.Earlier on one Sunday, I have tried this saffron rice and so was confident to go with it.

Kambu/Pearl Millet Sadam & Kambu koozh | Millet Recipe

pearl millet rice

We all know the health benefits of millets and i need not brief it again for you.They  are high in fibre and low in carbohydrates and its best to use millets instead of rice in our diet.Last week for my kids lunch i packed rotis  so that i can have millet for lunch.I made with 1\3 cup first the sadam/rice then diluted it with buttermilk and had the porridge.

Mutton roast | Mutton pepper roast

Mutton pepper roast with step by step pictures.

Happy Easter to all. The Lord has risen let us sing Alleluia.
 For our Easter lunch, I prepared this mutton pepper roast, mutton biryani, salad, and raitha. It is so simple and easy to make.   If you have the pressure cooked mutton you can prepare this just 5 mins before serving to serve it hot.

Moringa leaves chutney | Murungai keerai thogayal/thuvayal

Murungai keerai thuvayal with step by step pictures.

Murungai/moringa leaves are the healthiest green and are rich in iron. Unlike other greens, many don't prefer this green may be due to the shape. While other greens wilts on sauteeing but his moringa leaves remain as such even after sauteeing. You can include in Adai (savory lentil crepes), soups, poriyals, etc. As my daughter is anemic I have started including it in her diet.

Mango- Sago/Tapioca Pearls Pudding | Mango Recipe

Mango- Sago/Tapioca Pearls Pudding | Mango Recipe

Mango - sago is a dessert made with sago/tapioca pearls which are sweetened with white sugar. This dessert tastes best when served chilled. So if planning for an event make this dessert ahead a day, chill and serve for the event. To make this dessert even richer you can replace milk with condensed milk and avoid sugar if using sweetened condensed milk.

Mint-Choc Chip Ice cream | Fresh Mint Ice Cream

Mint-Choc Chip Ice cream | Fresh Mint Ice Cream

Mint ice cream with step by step picture.Easy ice cream recipe without cream, condensed milk.
Making ice cream at home is so easy. With a few ingredients easily available at home you can make yummy lip smacking at home. Make a batch of plain ice cream and add essence, fruits into it and make varieties.

Gossberry/Amla Curd Recipe | Nellikai Thayir Pachadi

Gossberry/Amla Curd Recipe | Nellikai Thayir Pachadi

Nellaikai thayir pachadi with step b step pictures and a quick video.
Amla/nellaikai/Goosberry is one healthy fruit rich in nutrients and high in vitamin C. Many people love it due to its tanginess & sourness. With some salt, it would be awesome. Amla/nellikai is one of the best coolant and hence you can take it often this summer.

Jil Jil Jigarthanda | Badam Pisin/Almond Gum in Rose Milk | Summer Cooler


Jigarthanda is  south Indian beverage originated in Madurai,a city in TamilNadu."Jigardhanda " means in Hindi " cool liver".Its is served in  road side shops there.The main ingredients is badam pisin/ almond gum which when soaked in water turn into jelly substance which is a natural coolant reduces body heat and help in gaining weight.Its easily available in natural/Ayurvedic medical shop.I tried this recipe from here for the FB event.

Eggless Blueberry Muffins

Eggless blueberry muffins with step by step pictures.

When I had a box of blueberry the first thought which came to my mind was to make this muffin. Actually, I planned to make it in December itself but due to personal reasons, Christmas, family marriage, travel, etc I could bake or post. Two days before when I had time I baked this and decided to post. It is healthy as I had made it with whole wheat and unprocessed cane sugar.

Easy Carrot Stir fry | Side Dish for Rice

Carrot stir fry is an easy and tasty side dish / kootu for rice which can be made in jiffy.Adding grated coconut give a unique taste.If you feel to omit coconut you can avoid but my advice is to add it.

Turmeric Milk | Golden Milk | Haldi Doodh

Turmeric milk with step by step pictures.

Turmeric milk which is also referred to as golden milk is the addition of fresh turmeric roots/rhizome or turmeric powder in milk. This drink is an age-old home remedy/medicine for cold/cough symptoms and indigestion. This drink is rich anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory property. although it is good it also has some side effects causing stomach upset, nausea, dizziness or diarrhea. So when consuming this drink take a break after a week and consume this drink.

Overnight Oats | Easy Breakfast Recipe | Weight Loss Recipe

Overnight Oats | Easy Breakfast Recipe | Weight Loss Recipe

Overnight oat is one simple recipe for breakfast which is very good for weight watcher.Oats soaked in milk and eaten in morning absorbs all nutrition and good to eat it.Making this is so easy soak oats in milk, refrigerate and eat it for breakfast.

Neem Flower Pachadi | Veppam Poo Pachadi | Tamil New Year Recipe | Video Recipe

Neem Flower Pachadi | Veppam Poo Pachadi | Tamil New Year Recipe | Video Recipe

Healthy veppam poo pachadi.As the Tamil new year is on April 14th I decided to share this pachadi recipe which has all tastes in it.I made mango pachadi and added ghee roasted neem flower in it.I adapted this recipe from kamala's corner.

Watermelon rind Dosa | Breakfast Recipe

Watermelon rind Dosa |  Breakfast Recipe

Watermelon rind dosa with step by step pictures.

Next time when you buy watermelon don't forget to try this easy recipe. I too was not aware of his recipe until I google up when I don' want to waste my watermelon rind. I have already heard many people say about making dal/sambar with the rind.  So I too decided to try sambar with it which turned out tasty. With no mind to waste a huge amount of the rind I searched and ended up with this recipe. Many use their own proportion to make the batter. So I too ended up with my own quantity, which gave me super tasty and yummy dosa.

Pavakai Thayir Pachadi | Bitter Gourd in Yogurt | Onam Sadya Recipe

bitter gourd in yogurt

Bitter gourd in yogurt is a simple recipe which made by just sauteing bitter guard and adding it to curd/yogurt. Many people even me hate this vegetable, bitter gourd due to its bitter taste.I don't remember whether I had it at my young age. Even after marriage I don't buy or make it. Its only my hubby who makes and forces me to eat but I will refuse it. As ages, I understood the health benefit of it and started buying and making it rare. Even though my kids don't like to eat it I add it in add or fry it so that the bitter taste doesn't dominate.

Coffee Ice Cream | No Churn Method | Easy Ice Cream Recipe

Last week my son ask for some homemade ice cream at once I  decided to make this coffee ice cream which was in my do to list for a long.Another reason was that I was left with tetra pack of cream which was nearing expiry date so with no second thought I made this.I simple used my eggless mango ice cream recipe method for this.

How to cook palm sprouts / how to cook panam kilangu


Palm sprouts which known as panam kilangu is a healthy, fibrous tube. It is got when Palm seeds are buried in soil. In souther districts of Tamil nadu one can get good and thick variety palm sprouts. This kilangu will purify your urine and has numerous health benefits. When buying these always opt for thick and big sprouts which will have more flesh.

2 ingredients mango ice cream | Easy homemade ice cream


2 ingredients ice cream with step by step pictures.

As mango is the king among fruits and  we have wait for summer to taste this yummylicious yellow fruit.  Some prefer to eat it as fruit and some make different dishes and indulge in it. I already have an ice cream recipe with mango, you can check it here. Another 2ingredients ice cream in my blog is strawberry ice cream. I have used the same method here.

Thandai | Spiced Milk with Dry Fruits | Holi Recipe

Thandai with step by step pictures.

Happy Holi to all, my hearty wishes for all and I wish you lives be colourful.This thandai is a spiced milk with dry fruits and a must in this holi festival.Being a food blogger i too want try it.We all loved it to the core

Nannari Syrup with jaggery | Summer drink

Nannari/Sarasparilla syrup with step by step pictures.

Nannari is a medicinal root used to prepare this syrup. You can get this in a local Siddha medical shop,(Nattu Marunthu Kadai). This root is one of the best coolants for this summer. You can easily get this syrup in all departmental store where it will be labeled as a synthetic flavoring used and also they used sugar to make this. I have bought this syrup before but I always want to try it at home. so I bought this root from a local medical store near my house and made it with jaggery. You can also use cane sugar.

Elephant Yam/Senai Kilangu Thoran | Side dish for rice

Elephant yam thoran with step by step pictures and video.

This side dish is one of my favourite and i make it often.My little brother love yam very much and if made like this he loves it.You can make raw banana in the same way. A simple rasam along with thoran for hot steamed rice makes the best combo. Do give a try once.

Choc Popsicle | Chocolate popsicle | Summer Recipe

Chocolate popsicle with step by step pictures.

Ice creams/ popsicle and summer are both inseparable. My kids always look into the refrigerator for some chilled drink/goodies. So I decided to make some popsicle from the milk they refuse to drink as they started hating drinking hot health drinks. so if you have any leftover milk make this easy popsicle. Even if you don't have mould just pour into a tumbler/ paper cup, set it and serve.

Vendaikai Puli Kuzhambu | Okra in Tangy-Spicy Gravy

okra gravy

This gravy or kuzhambu is so simple and easy to make with just around 10 mins and it tastes great with hot steamed rice and some fried papad.When you are not in a mood to cook long elaborate dishes go for this simple comfort one.Here I have used lady's finger but you can also use brinjal instead of it.I have not used coconut in it but if you want to make for more people you may add some coconut paste to get more quantity of the gravy.

Tomato Puri/Poori | Tomato Masala Poori | Breakfast Recipe

Tomato Puri/Poori | Tomato Masala Poori | Breakfast Recipe

Tomato masala poori with step by step pictures.
Poori/puri is one breakfast which my son like the most.So during weekends, I will try to make poori for him.Mostly I make poori with wheat flour so last weekend I want to try a different version of poori and made this tomato poori which tasted yum.I served it with potato curry which is the best combo but you can also serve with chole masala.

Choco Banana Loaf | Eggless choc banana bread ( video recipe)

Choco Banana loaf cake with step by step pictures.

Whenever an overripe banana appears in my table counter, the first thought that would come to my mind is to bake a cake. Since I love banana I buy them more and since my kids hate them the banana would overripe soon. I see that I eat them before they are overripe. If something left out I make bread, muffins or unniappam. This recipe is similar to eggless banana bread except for the addition of cocoa powder. Here I have used a mix of wheat & maida but you can use either one of the flour or a combination.

Quinoa Pradhaman | Quinoa Payasam | Dessert Recipe

Quinoa Pradhaman | Quinoa Payasam | Dessert Recipe

Quinoa pradhamam with step by step pictures.
Quinoa is one healthy food which can be had in many forms. It is a super healthy food rich in nutrients. It is low in carbohydrates hence good for weight loss. As festival season is around the corner I decided to make a dessert with it. This payasam is made with quinoa, coconut milk, and jaggery. Coconut milk can be replaced with ordinary cow milk and jaggery with white sugar.