Quinoa Pradhaman | Quinoa Payasam | Dessert Recipe

Quinoa Pradhaman | Quinoa Payasam | Dessert Recipe

Quinoa pradhamam with step by step pictures.
Quinoa is one healthy food which can be had in many forms. It is a super healthy food rich in nutrients. It is low in carbohydrates hence good for weight loss. As festival season is around the corner I decided to make a dessert with it. This payasam is made with quinoa, coconut milk, and jaggery. Coconut milk can be replaced with ordinary cow milk and jaggery with white sugar.

Chilli Chicken | Restaurant Style Chilli chicken ( Dry Version ) | Chicken Recipe

Restaurant type Chilli Chicken with step by step pictures.

Sunday lunch would always be a treat in our home which would be either chicken, beef or sometimes mutton. Since my kids prefer chicken the most, it will be our Sunday lunch mostly. During summer vacation, My daughter ordered not to make regular chicken curry for lunch in one Sunday. I always see that I fulfill their wish and so searched ideas for it and ended in this chilly chicken.I paired it with carrot fried rice and the combo was a super-duper hit.

Horsegram Idli | how to make horsegram idli

Horsegram idli with step by step pictures.

I already have this horsegram idli recipe in my space which I tried from another blog during my early stage of blogging. The difference between this from that is here urad dal is used, whereas in that recipe dal is not used. As dal is used here you couldn't find any difference from regular idli and I was so satisfied to have fed my family with another healthy idli recipe.

Pidi Karunai Kilangu Kuzhambu | Kara Kuzhambu

Pidi karunai is a small variety of root vegetable which looks similar in appearance to yam / senna-Kilangu except the size.This pidi karaunai will be very small in size and will fit inside our palm, may be it got this name due to this.This kuzhambu is so easy to make only the time-consuming part is cooking of this kilangu other than that it can be prepared within few minutes.

Choc chips Cookies | Valentine Day Special

Simple and melt in mouth choco chips cookies with step by step pictures.It had been months since I baked some cookies in my kitchen, so I decided to do one but this time with an ingredient I never tried before in cookies. Yes its egg, I have baked many cookies but never ever used eggs in it.This is my first try and the result product was soft ,yummy and just melted in our mouth.Within few minutes all of it got vanished and as I mom I was happy.

Raw mango puli kuzhambu | Mango in tamarind sauce

Raw mango puli kuzhambu with step by step pictures.

Summer vacation is over and the school reopens today. With more than 50 days holiday I had a good time with the kids and not a busy morning routine. All good things end and the schedule starts today. Though I didn't cook much today due to water scarcity in our apartment and my head rotates if I think of the hectic days to follow.

Corn idiyappam | Maize flour string hoppers

Corn idiyappam with step by step pictures.

Idiyappam/string hopper is my family favorite recipe. Mostly I prepare this idiyappam for dinner as we can make it more leisurely. You can use any spicy gravy either veg or non-veg to pair up. This string hopper like puttu can be made with all flours. I do have some variety in my blog, check it in the search box. After making yellow corn puttu I decided to make this string hoppers with the flour. You can use only this corn flour or a mix of rice flour with it. I used half cup rice flour.

Madras Mixture | Spicy Mixture | Easy Diwali Snack Recipe

 I love to watch chef Venkatesh Bhut's cooking show in Vijay tv as the method involved and the way he narrates make us feel the simplicity of the recipe.I remember him making this mixture in an episode some very long back.In it he mentioned make this snack when you get time as its so simple, pocket-friendly and make a great snack, yes its all really true.When I did it I got a big bottle full and made a great snack for the evening. Since Diwali is fast nearing and if you still have no clue what snack to make for disturbing do try this simple mixture.

Kara chutney | Hotel style spicy chutney | Onion-tomato chutney

When it comes to side dish for idli/ dosa mostly I prefer easy sambar or coconut chutney or red chutney.But when the breakfast ,idli/dosa , is continous for next following days also I do this kara chutney or tomato chutney. This chutney takes hardly 5 mins to prepare and taste awesome with idli or dosa.With no further delay let's see how make make this yummiest kara chutney.

Narthangai pachadi | Citron pachadi ( video recipe)


Narthangai pachadi with step by step picture and video.

Narthangai pachadi is one recipe which I learnt from my in-law people. I was amazed by the taste when they make. This pachdi take place in the menu of all vegetarian meals during functions. Since this pachadi is a mix of all tastes i love it.Last month when my co-sister visited us she bought two citron and made this for us. I just shot pictures .

Let us see how to make this.

Elai appam/Adai | Kerala Delicacies

I brought two banana leaves made vadam ( recipe soon )using one and was left with one ,was wandering what to do ended up make this appam.This calls for jack fruit jam/preserve since i did not have that made my own.

Instant Oats Idli- Easy Breakfast | Step by Step

Instant Oats Idli- Easy Breakfast | Step by Step

Easy instant, healthy idli with oats.When you don't any batter in the refrigerator make this idli and enjoy.It is somewhat similar to rava idli except for the addition of roasted oats flour.

Sugarcane juice Pongal | Karumbu charu Pongal

Sugarcane juice Pongal with step by step pictures and video

 Happy Pongal to all.

This is a regular Pongal in which sugar cane juice is added for sweetness instead of jaggery. It tastes so good when it is warm. Now is the time to make this as you will have leftover sugarcane from the festival. As I got just a cup of juice it was not able to give the sweetness, hence I added some rock candy.

Kalkandu Pongal | Sugar Rock Candy Milk Pongal | Paal Sadam

Kalkandu Pongal | Sugar Rock Candy Milk Pongal | Paal Sadam

Happy Pongal.
Another pongal recipe to add to my pongal collection which is made using rock candy/ kalkandu.Here I have used diamond-shaped candy which is available in all stores.Here I used a mix of water and milk to cook the rice and hence my pongal was so rich and yummy.Do give a try this year this kalkandu pongal and enjoy with your family.

No Bake Strawberry Cheese Cake | Women's Day Special

On this special day, I dedicate this post to all women in my life -my  mother, relatives, friends and virtual friends.Thank you all and I really feel blessed to be a woman.To make the day more sweet I here with share an easy dessert ,no bake cheese cake  with strawberry before the season of it ends.

Liver masala | liver pepper masala| how to make liver masala

Liver masala with step by step pictures and video.

The liver is very good for people who are anemic. If one eats this often blood count will surely increase. You can prepare mutton or beef liver in the same method. Here I have used beef liver. My husband prepared this recipe as I don't know to make it as I don't like liver.

Keerai Bonda | Urad dal Bonda with Greens

Keerai Bonda | Urad dal Bonda with Greens

Keerai Bonda with step by step pictures.

When coming for tea time snacks we always opt for vadai, bonda, murruku , etc. Deep fried snacks with a hot cup of ginger or masala chai/tea are the best combo. Nothing can beat this heaven made pair if you have not tried this do try it and I'm sure you will love it.  Someday in last week Chennai had some slight showers and I was badly craving for some deep fried snacks for my tea. I bought keerai/greens and kept soem stalks to make this bonda the next day to fulfill my craving. Its so easy to make just chop the green finely and add to the bonda batter and make.

Chicken momos

Chicken momos with step by step pictures.

In my momos chutney post I have mentioned about this chicken momos only. I would say the momos recipe looks somewhat similar to our south Indian kozhukattai recipe. I momos the outer dough is made of maida/flour where in kozhukattai it will be rice flour. In the former we use veggie or non-veg stuffings whereas in kozhukattai we use sweet/savory stuffing and it is mostly used as festive recipe/snack/dessert.

Quinoa Sweet Pongal | Quinoa recipe

Quinoa Sweet Pongal | Quinoa recipe

Quinoa sweet Pongal with step by step pictures.

I want to try this quinoa pongal for a long time and it came true last weekend. When I made other breakfast for my kids I ended up making his pongal for me after a long day of craving it. This is so simple and easy to make. Unlike rice which takes more time o cook his quinoa get quickly done.
Some other quinoa recipes in my blog are

Mixed dal-Millet adai | Protein packed breakfast

Mixed dal Adai with step by step pictures. 

Adai is rice- dal mix savory pancake. Here in addition to dal & rice I have also used a millet (Samai) to make it more healthy. Adai doesn't require any fermentation. You can make it right after grinding the batter just a resting time of 10-15minutes. Since this recipe is so heavy with dal& rice you will feel full with just one adai. Here I have used little millet but you can use other millet varieties also.