How to cook palm sprouts / how to cook panam kilangu


Palm sprouts which known as panam kilangu is a healthy, fibrous tube. It is got when Palm seeds are buried in soil. In souther districts of Tamil nadu one can get good and thick variety palm sprouts. This kilangu will purify your urine and has numerous health benefits. When buying these always opt for thick and big sprouts which will have more flesh.

Let us see how to cook this.

Preparation time: 10 mins

Cooking time: 15mins

Recipe type: snack

Recipe Cuisine: South Indian


Author: Babitha


Palm sprouts/panam kilangu-10




Peel the outer skin of the sprouts.

Cut the bottom and top position.

Add into the pressure cooker. Pour water and salt.

 Cook for 12-15 whistles.Switch off. Wait for pressure to release by itself.

slit  , break into pieces and relish it discarding the fibre thing from it.

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