Eggless Blueberry Muffins

Eggless blueberry muffins with step by step pictures.

When I had a box of blueberry the first thought which came to my mind was to make this muffin. Actually, I planned to make it in December itself but due to personal reasons, Christmas, family marriage, travel, etc I could bake or post. Two days before when I had time I baked this and decided to post. It is healthy as I had made it with whole wheat and unprocessed cane sugar.

Easy Carrot Stir fry | Side Dish for Rice

Carrot stir fry is an easy and tasty side dish / kootu for rice which can be made in jiffy.Adding grated coconut give a unique taste.If you feel to omit coconut you can avoid but my advice is to add it.

Overnight Oats | Easy Breakfast Recipe | Weight Loss Recipe

Overnight Oats | Easy Breakfast Recipe | Weight Loss Recipe

Overnight oat is one simple recipe for breakfast which is very good for weight watcher.Oats soaked in milk and eaten in morning absorbs all nutrition and good to eat it.Making this is so easy soak oats in milk, refrigerate and eat it for breakfast.

Neem Flower Pachadi | Veppam Poo Pachadi | Tamil New Year Recipe | Video Recipe

Neem Flower Pachadi | Veppam Poo Pachadi | Tamil New Year Recipe | Video Recipe

Healthy veppam poo pachadi.As the Tamil new year is on April 14th I decided to share this pachadi recipe which has all tastes in it.I made mango pachadi and added ghee roasted neem flower in it.I adapted this recipe from kamala's corner.

Watermelon rind Dosa | Breakfast Recipe

Watermelon rind Dosa |  Breakfast Recipe

Watermelon rind dosa with step by step pictures.

Next time when you buy watermelon don't forget to try this easy recipe. I too was not aware of his recipe until I google up when I don' want to waste my watermelon rind. I have already heard many people say about making dal/sambar with the rind.  So I too decided to try sambar with it which turned out tasty. With no mind to waste a huge amount of the rind I searched and ended up with this recipe. Many use their own proportion to make the batter. So I too ended up with my own quantity, which gave me super tasty and yummy dosa.

Pavakai Thayir Pachadi | Bitter Gourd in Yogurt | Onam Sadya Recipe

bitter gourd in yogurt

Bitter gourd in yogurt is a simple recipe which made by just sauteing bitter guard and adding it to curd/yogurt. Many people even me hate this vegetable, bitter gourd due to its bitter taste.I don't remember whether I had it at my young age. Even after marriage I don't buy or make it. Its only my hubby who makes and forces me to eat but I will refuse it. As ages, I understood the health benefit of it and started buying and making it rare. Even though my kids don't like to eat it I add it in add or fry it so that the bitter taste doesn't dominate.

Coffee Ice Cream | No Churn Method | Easy Ice Cream Recipe

Last week my son ask for some homemade ice cream at once I  decided to make this coffee ice cream which was in my do to list for a long.Another reason was that I was left with tetra pack of cream which was nearing expiry date so with no second thought I made this.I simple used my eggless mango ice cream recipe method for this.