Sura /Shark Fish Puttu( video recipe)

fish puttu

Sura puttu with step by step pictures and video.

As i have said earlier fish is a must in our daily lunch,since my kids get bored eating daily i use now and then.This sura puttu taste awesome and will be liked by all if u try,Sura fish is good for feeding mothers as it secrete more milk.

Orange Flavored Muffins | Oats- Orange Muffins | Healthy Muffins

Another breakfast muffins with oats, wheat flour, egg, and oranges.When it comes to cupcakes I admit I'm obsessed and love trying a variety of it by changing the ingredients.When our fruit basket had some oranges I was eyeing to make muffins with it and did it yesterday for an after-school snack.

Saffron Rice | Saffron Flavored Pulao | Lunch Box Recipe

Saffron pulao with step by step pictures.

Yesterday was my son's birthday though we have postponed the celebration to Friday due to my daughter's exam I made a simple chocolate cake , this saffron rice and  chilli chicken for us.Earlier on one Sunday, I have tried this saffron rice and so was confident to go with it.

Mutton roast | Mutton pepper roast

Mutton pepper roast with step by step pictures.

Happy Easter to all. The Lord has risen let us sing Alleluia.
 For our Easter lunch, I prepared this mutton pepper roast, mutton biryani, salad, and raitha. It is so simple and easy to make.   If you have the pressure cooked mutton you can prepare this just 5 mins before serving to serve it hot.

Moringa leaves chutney | Murungai keerai thogayal/thuvayal

Murungai keerai thuvayal with step by step pictures.

Murungai/moringa leaves are the healthiest green and are rich in iron. Unlike other greens, many don't prefer this green may be due to the shape. While other greens wilts on sauteeing but his moringa leaves remain as such even after sauteeing. You can include in Adai (savory lentil crepes), soups, poriyals, etc. As my daughter is anemic I have started including it in her diet.

Mango- Sago/Tapioca Pearls Pudding | Mango Recipe

Mango- Sago/Tapioca Pearls Pudding | Mango Recipe

Mango - sago is a dessert made with sago/tapioca pearls which are sweetened with white sugar. This dessert tastes best when served chilled. So if planning for an event make this dessert ahead a day, chill and serve for the event. To make this dessert even richer you can replace milk with condensed milk and avoid sugar if using sweetened condensed milk.

Mint-Choc Chip Ice cream | Fresh Mint Ice Cream

Mint-Choc Chip Ice cream | Fresh Mint Ice Cream

Mint ice cream with step by step picture.Easy ice cream recipe without cream, condensed milk.
Making ice cream at home is so easy. With a few ingredients easily available at home you can make yummy lip smacking at home. Make a batch of plain ice cream and add essence, fruits into it and make varieties.

Jil Jil Jigarthanda | Badam Pisin/Almond Gum in Rose Milk | Summer Cooler


Jigarthanda is  south Indian beverage originated in Madurai,a city in TamilNadu."Jigardhanda " means in Hindi " cool liver".Its is served in  road side shops there.The main ingredients is badam pisin/ almond gum which when soaked in water turn into jelly substance which is a natural coolant reduces body heat and help in gaining weight.Its easily available in natural/Ayurvedic medical shop.I tried this recipe from here for the FB event.