Sweet Potato stir fry | Side Dish for Rice

 I remember one of aunt saying about the benefit of this sweet potatoes and how this can be easily smashed and feed for babies from seven months.I always have a liking towards this potato and can eat in what ever way it is cooked.sometimes I just cook and serve as evening snacks making balls of  it along with grated coconut and sugar.Mostly I cooked and then add some spicy masala made with coconut and spice to serve as side for rice.

Eggless Cornflakes Cookies | Cookies Recipe

eggless corn flakes cookies

I bookmarked this recipe long before and every time when i want to try this anyone ingredients either cornflakes or butter won't be in my pantry.Last week i had everything with me so i made this yummy cookies.

Raw Papaya Curry | Raw Papaya Thoran | Side Dish for Rice

The first time I tasted this kootu was at my sister-in-law's house, amazed by the taste I enquired her what was it.When revealed it was raw papaya I was shocked as it was so tasty and yummy.Ever since that, I want to try it at home.Back Chennai I always look for raw papaya at vegetable vendors but fail to find it.When I see a papaya tree with fruit I would say, my kids, we should try pluck one or two to make dishes but my daughter would scold me for it.

Mango Loaf cake | Eggless mango cake in pan.


Eggless mango cake with step by step picture and video.

This mango cake is so simple and easy to make. You don't need an oven for it to bake. A pan is enough to bake it. Just maida and rava along with simple ingredients we get an aromatic mango flavored cake.As mangoes are in season do try this for snack with hot cup of tea.Let us see how to make this.

Instant Mango Pickle | Mango Pickle

mango pickle

Instant mango pickle, with just a few ingredients a tasty pickle in few minutes. Unlike the vadu mango pickle which requires weeks of soaking the baby mangoes in salt this pickle will take hardly  10 mins if cutting of the mango is done prior to  cooking.Mostly  this pickle will be in onam sadya lso in vegetarian marriage meal. So simple to make and taste delicious with any rice.

Roofhafza Mojito | how to make mojito

Roofhafza mojito is an excellent summer drink with a unique taste. It is one of the best thirst quenchers with mild taste of lemon, mint, and rose. If you don't have roofhafza just add rose syrup.