Seedai | salt and sweet version | Festive recipe

Seedai with step by step pictures.

Seedai is a deep-fried snack which is made with rice flour and urad dal flour. A dough is made with both flours along with salt and spices for salt version. For the sweet version, jaggery water ( jaggery just melted is water)is used. Though we don't celebrate these festive I love to make recipe related to each festival.

Aval Kesari | Rice flakes/Poha Sheera | Indian Sweets

This aval kesari is so easy to make like the most easy kesar,rava  kesari which hardly need around thirty minutes.When ever you have sudden carving doe any sweet ,like me ;;) then make this and relish it.Here i have used red thick variety rice flakes/aval but you can use any variety.If using thin variety then reduce the water amount.

Ragi Halwa | Finger Millet Halwa

Ragi Halwa | Finger Millet Halwa

Ragi/finger millet halwa with step by step pictures.

This is my last millet recipe for this Diwali. As promised I tried few of it and I hope I try furthermore in the near future. This ragi halwa I prepared by soaking, grinding, extracting the milk and mixing. It is quite a lengthy process and worth trying it. I followed my wheat halwa method except that I omitted the caramelization step. Also in this halwa, I have replaced white sugar with pure cane sugar.

Kathirikai podi curry | Brinjal podi masala (video recipe)


Kathirikai podi curry with step y step picture and video.

Brinjal podi masala is simple to make side dish for rice. With the rosted masala powder this dish will taste awesome. It's a perfect combo with rasam or mor kuzhambu. If you like brinjal then you will surely like it.

Puli Inji Recipe | Onam Sadya Recipe ( video recipe)

Puli Inji with step by step picture and video.

Puli Inji is one of the dishes served in Onam Sadya. It is somewhat similar to pickle. Grated or chopped ginger in cooked and simmered in spiced tamarind juice till it becomes thick. It stays wells for a week.
 I got this recipe from here. Try this easiest recipe with ginger and enjoy with your rice.

Carrot Payasam (kheer) | Gajar Ki Kheer | Sweet Recipe

carrot payasam

This dessert is one of the easiest and quickest recipe.This is also one way making kids eat vegetable.I just love the yellow colour of the dessert.

Thinnai Sweet Paniyaram | Foxtail Millet Appam

Thinnai Sweet Paniyaram | Foxtail Millet Appam

Thinnai/Foxtail millet Sweet Paniyaram with step by step pictures.

If you are a regular reader you might know me that I love millets and I try different recipes from sweets to savories with it. I have a big sweet tooth and if the recipe I try is sweet I would immediately try it. On a leave day when children are at home I decided to try this paniyaram for an evening snack, hence soaked the millet in the morning.