Curry Leaves infused Fish Fry | Curry Leaf Flavored Vanjaram Fish Fry

On our wedding anniversary for a change we made fish curry, this fish fry and tempered tapioca for a special dinner for our family from regular chicken or mutton.Actually it was super tasty and we felt that we had a great dinner after a long time that too our village food.

Eggless Tutti Fruity Muffins | Multi Grained Muffins | Christmas Bakes

If you are looking for an easy eggless muffins then this one comes in handy.Here I completely avoided plain flour and used multi grain flour .Trust me it was so soft,moist and make a great combo for tea/coffee.Do try this healthy muffins and surprise your family 

Munthiri Kothu | Kanyakumari Special Christmas Recipe

Munthiri Kothu with step by step pictures.

This recipe is one of the famous recipes in the southern district of Tamilnadu. "Munthiri" which means cashew and "Kothu" means a bunch. If you happen to visit any places down south during Christmas you can find the recipes in almost all houses. Whenever we return from there after Christmas  I make sure to load some of this with me. I love this recipe to the core and was happily making it here in Chennai in my kitchen.I gathered some information from my sister-in-law and proceeded to make it. As doing alone for the first time I just made a very small quantity. I regret it as it quickly got vanished.

Soya beans Dosai | Soya Beans Crepes | Breakfast Recipe

Soya beans dosa with step by step picture and video.

After the soya beans dry curry , here comes the next recipe with soya beans which is south Indian famous dosa recipe.In addition to the health factor this dosa is very crispy and cooks very fast.Do give a try once as you cannot find any difference from the regular one and we get satisfied feeding protein filled food to family.

Black rice idli/dosa

Black rice idli/dosa with step by step pictures.

Being a south Indian idli/dosa is one of our regular breakfast or dinner. Apart from regular white rice idli/dosa, I try to make a batter with many millets. When a bought a pack of this black rice I have an idea to make idli/dosa with it. After making black rice /Kavuni rice payasam I decided to try this breakfast recipe and it turned out super soft and tasty. You will never notice any difference in taste except the color.

Pineapple Peel Wine | Homemade Wine | Christmas Recipe

It is just 35 days to Christmas and I can't say how fast time goes as I'm still on the days of my previous Christmas celebration.Wine make an integral part of that celebration.As a blogger, I want to try different variety of it.In September when I got a pineapple I decided first to make wine with the peel of it and hence this recipe.I referred this page for my preparation. You can try this easy wine for this Christmas.