Pasi Paruppu Sundal | Moong Dal Sundal

Another easy to make Sundal for this festive season. The overall process for this sundal recipe was just 30mins. So if you haven't soaked any legumes to make Sundal just go for this easy sundal variety. For variations you can add chaat masala, chopped mango init. But here I have made it plain by just adding coconut.

Instant Idli | No soaking no fermentation idli | Idli with Idli rice rava (video recipe)

Instant idli with step by step pictures and video recipe.

Happy new year to all, I wish and pray for success and prosperity to follow in this new year.
Let me start my first post of this year with a healthy note. We all know steamed food and that too if it happens to be idli it is very good and healthy. But making idli need a batter which involves a long procedure of soaking, grinding and fermenting. Many people complain about not getting soft idli and hence they avoid making the batter at home.

Peanut Sundal | Verkadalai Sundal

Peanut/Verkadalai Sundal with step by step pictures.

Peanut sundal is one healthy sundal which can be made in few minutes. As its festival season in India, people make a variety of sundal each day to offer to their God. This sundal can be made with or without coconut. I saw many soaks this peanut overnight and cook it. But I usually just pressure cook it which is good for me.

Chicken cutlet | how to make chicken cutlet

Chicken cutlet/Tikki with step by step pictures.

Chicken Cutlet is a yummy snack /appetizer that every kid would definitely love it. You can use it as an after-school snack or as patties for a burger. I made this for my kids after school snack and served it with mint chutney and tomato sauce. Both my kids loved it to the core. I used chicken breast pieces to make this cutlet but you also boil the usual pieces, remove flesh from it and make. Let us see how to make this easy cutlet.

Kambu idiyappam | Pearl Millet String hoppers | Breakfast / Dinner recipe

Idiyappam/ string hoppers is a food which is soft,steam cooked and is easily digested by all all age groups of people.When kids or people fall sick and in recovery stage doctor mostly refers easily digestible steamed  food like idli or idiyappam.When it is idiyappam for dinner my kids will be waiting to indulge init.Mostly I serve with plain red coconut chutney and very rarely some non-veg dish.

ABC Juice | Miracle Drink | Detox Drink

ABC, as the name says its a drink made with apple, beetroot, and carrot.It is also called as miracle drink since it has numerous health benefits.It is also the best detox drink as it helps to flush out toxins from vital organs.Some important health benefits of this drink are heart friendly drink, for spotless clear skin, enhance brain activity, helps in weight loss, boost the immune system and detoxifies vital organs.

Pineapple Rasam | Marriage Rasam

pineapple rasam

This is an easy rasam with unique taste of pineapple in it.I love my food to be a little sweet hence this rasam was awesome for me.It is  said that they serve this rasam in marriages but i haven't tasted this taste in any marriage yet.Give a try and you may like it..

Ellu poran kozhukattai | Sesame Sweet stuffed Modak

Sesame seeds sweet stuffed kozhukattai is a healthy snack and it is made during the festival Ganesh Chaturthi. As my daughter loves kozhukattai I made it for an |evening snack. I couldn't make the shape of the modak correctly with my hands or with mold. So just two pieces look good and other all I made in a shape of somas.

Ragi Idiyappam | Finger Millet Flour String Hoppers | Millet Recipes

ragi string hoppers

We all know millets are healthy and rich in nutrients and one should use them in a meal  either in breakfast,lunch or dinner.My kids love string hoppers/ idiyappam  so i tried making it with ragi  flour for breakfast today.It can be had with simple red coconut chutney ,kurma,or any non-veg gravy else with sugar.I slightly adopted it from here.

Channa Dal Payasam | Kadalai Paruppu Pradhman | Festive Recipe

Channa dal payasam with step by step pictures.

I love sweet and to end my meal i search of some sweets always.Also i love to try my hands on with any new sweet variety.On Onam which was on last Sunday i prepared two payasam one with vermicelli and another one is this channa dal.Do give a try to satisfy you sweet crave like me.

Paal Kozhukattai | Rice Flour Balls cooked in Sweetened Coconut milk

Paal kozhukattai is a simple dish in which a rice flour balls are prepared by boiling milk,water and rice flour together to get a thickened dough consistency.It is then shaped into small balls and cooked again in sweetened coconut milk.

This recipe is so simple and ultimately delicious for people like me who have a sweet tooth.Here I have used white sugar but you can also use jaggery in place of it.

Besan Ladoo- Microwave method

Besan ladoo

This besan ladoo by microwaved method I tried from Homely food blog of meena.First I thought how its going to be & will my kids like it,to say the truth my  daughter who hates sweet dishes liked it very much and ate few ladoos,i always like sweets very much.It tasted awesome.Its very very easy as it by microwave means.

Cluster beans mezhukkupuratti | Kerala style cluster beans stir fry

Cluster beans mezhukkupuratti with step by step pictures.
Cluster beans mezhukkupuratti is a simple Kerala stir fry. Just tempering a cooked vegetable in coconut oil, spices are mezhukkupuratti. You can use any vegetables like carrot, beans, potato, lady's finger.etc.This is one common recipe is Kerala household. Let us see how to make this.

Red Rice Flakes Coconut Milk Pudding / Aval Payasam With Jaggery | Payasam Recipe

Red Aval/Rice flakes payasam

Payasam is an easy dessert one can prepare .When ever i carve to eat something sweet i make  a payasam for lunch relish some and keep it in fridge and will indulge as often.when can make payasam with many ingredients.Here i have used thick red aval (rice flakes),jaggery and coconut milk.Need to say the taste sooo yummy.

Curry leaves kuzhambu

 Curry leaves kuzhambu with step by step pictures and video.

Curry leaves is one major green which we use in all recipe which includes tempering. The aroma it emits when tempering will make it more salivating. Whenever we buy vegetables here in Chennai, India the vegetable vendors will give this curry leaves for free. As we buy weekly we get a huge bunch every week. I mostly trash the previous week leaves. Sometimes when leaves are not withered I try this gravy or use it in making podis.

Simple and quick sweet - RAVA LADOO | Festive Sweets

rava ladoo

Rava ladoo with step by step pictures

தமிழ் புத்தாண்டு வாழ்த்துகள் . Wishing all reader Happy Tamil New year / Vishu greetings.No festival is complete without a sweet and hence I share an easy sweet recipe today.

Black rice dessert | Kavuni Arisi payasam

Black rice/Kavuni Arisi payasam with step by step pictures.

Black rice is one of the healthiest rice and it is different from red rice and brown rice. It is also called forbidden rice by the Chinese. Some health benefits of it are, it is rich in antioxidants, helps to fight diabetics, as this rice is gluten-free it is the best alternative for those with gluten allergies, etc. This rice is found to be to have the highest content of the antioxidant anthocyanin. Sine this rice has a deep dark color it gets the name as black rice but when cooked it gives a purple shade.

Pirandai Idli/ Dosa | Adamant Creepers Idli | Healthy Recipe

Priandai Idli/dosa recipe with step by step pictures.

Pirandai is known as “Adamant Creeper” or “Veldt Grape” or “Devil’s Backbone” in English.  It has many health benefits and the one which I read in one of my Facebook group is it helps to prevent osteoporosis. It is the best medicine for it, so pe
ople suffering from this disorder consume this easy herb at least once a week. The only place I saw it during our Xmas vacation last year in my FIL's coconut yard. It was seen in abundant there and thought to take some while returning Chennai. But I didn't take.
To say the truth I haven't seen or eaten it before or after marriage.

Beetroot Salad | Easy Salad Recipe

Beetroot Salad | Easy Salad Recipe

Beetroot salad recipe with step by step pictures.
Beetroot salad with pieces of cooked beetroot, sliced onion, green chilly tossed up with salt & lime juice makes an excellent combo for any biryani variety or pulao. My mother uses to make it often but I never made it until when my sister-in-law made and I realized that I haven't tried it. This salad has a connection with Srilanka's cuisine but I really don't know why. When my daughter loved this salad at my brother's house I too decided to make it at home. You can also make this salad and eat as such.

Easy Meringue Kisses | Vanilla Meringue Kisses

Meringue is a dessert  which is often found in french ,swiss and Italian cuisines.It is made by whipping the egg white to soft peak along with sugar and flavors.Then piping it on baking sheets and baking them at a  very low temperature till it doesn't feel sticky from outside.These are light ,airy and sweet and mostly homemade are often chewy while commercial meringues are  crisp.

Nadan Beef Fry | Kerala Style Beef Fry | Easy Beef Fry | Video Recipe

When its beef cooking for lunch/ dinner it's a real treat for all as we all love it to the core. I use a tender version of beef called veal meat which will just look soft as goat meat.For this recipe you can use both beef variety.Last Sunday I made this recipe for lunch where both my kids were so much involved in plating, shooting and taking photos / videos.with no further stories lets go straight to the recipe

Ragi Poori/Puri | Breakfast Recipe | How to make millet Poori

Ragi poori with step by step pictures.
Poori/puri is a deep fried recipe.Although deep fried it is not an issue in having it once a while for breakfast.My son loves poori and insists me to make every week.Due to the deep fry technique, I avoid it.

Carrot Soup | Easy Carrot Soup | Soup Recipes

carrot soup

Its pouring like anything here in Chennai for more than a week and our roads are flooded.In my life time here I have never seen rain like this.Although it good as the water levels in the reservoirs have increased but daily life has become miserable with this continuous flow.We pray the rain God to have pity on us and stop the rain for some time.
Coming to this recipe which I made for my daughter's birthday dinner party.I just used carrots alone it and it taste good not spicy nor sweet.The spices I added in it are ginger & pepper but if you prefer you can add some other flavouring too.

Pirandai Rasam | Adamant Creepers- Tamarind Soup (video recipe)

Pirandai Rasam | Adamant Creepers- Tamarind Soup

Pirandai rasam with step by step picture and video.

After making pirandai thogayal and pirandai idli, now I'm here with another recipe with it. The climate calls for nice hot rasam to be mixed up with rice. Instead of making simple rasam try making this healthy pirandai rasam. I got some ideas from here and made this. The original recipe called to use tender creeper but in the pack, I bought there was no tender one hence used the matured part only.

Palak Pakoda | Spinach Fritters

When the climate is bit cool automatically we long to have some deep fried pakoras/pakoda for snacks.Yesterday when the weather here in Chennai was  cool so i made up my mind 8-}to make this pakoras for evening snack.To make it bit healthy i used spinach/palak leaves for it.Do try and enjoy with a cup of hot tea/chai.

Mango Sheera | Mango Kesari

Mango sheera/kesari with step by step pictures.

Before the mango say bid adieu this year let me finish off posting my mango recipes left out in my draft.Sheera / Kesari is one such simple and easy recipe to make when you are in a hurry to make any dessert/sweet.
Making this Kesari is not a rocket science and you need not be a great cook to make this, even a beginner can try this easy sweet in a jiffy. The procedure of making this dessert is same as ordinary kesari and the only thing is mango need to pureed and add to the cooked rava/sooji
with not much stories lets go direct to the recipe.

Simple Tea Cake | Cardamon Tea cake | Bakery style

I love to bake,  cake or cookies or bread what so ever it is i just love it and thrilled to see the outcome .I think my love for baking is growing rapidly.I enjoy making after school snacks for my kids.Everyday i think from morning about it.My daughter was saying me ma you never baked simple vanilla cake so yesterday decided to bake this tea cake from priya's space.My son who only like chocolate cake love it too.Try its very easy too ,if you don't have oven use cooker to bake check here for it.I already have an eggless version of sponge cake check it here

Peppered Pistachio Chicken | Chicken Recipe

This post i have to post yesterday ,but my broadband did not connect,if one day its fine the next day its problem.My line is clear but my modem has to be changed.Okay lets leave my problem and over to the recipe.I made this on Sunday and it was yummy.Try this pepper pistachio chicken from our regular one.Though the ingredient list looks big its very easy to make.

Cucumber Lassi | Salted Lassi | Summer special

Lassi is a north Indian drink which is nothing but sugar and curd/yogurt blended together with any flavours. This  one is a salted lassi with cucumber added in it. Avoid spicy foods ,drink more fluids in summer  and remain hydrated.

Fried Chicken - KFC Style | Chicken Recipe

Fried Chicken - KFC Style | Chicken Recipe

Today recipe is yummiest fried chicken that too KFC style means who will say no. Yes in my house it was a super hit and kids asked more pieces. Without much more lets go off to the recipe.

Yogurt Brownies | Eggless Brownies

Yogurt Brownies | Eggless Brownies

If you have any extra curd fresh or slightly sour try to use it in your cakes as it yields soft and fluffy bakes.As My birthday was this week I just want to make a simple cake.My daughter one day said he was longing to a have brownie, so I decided to make this for my day with easy avaliable ingredients in my kitchen pantry.

Gongura Pappu |Sorrel Leaves in Lentils | Andhra Recipe

gongura lentils gravy

Gongura pappu /Sorrel leaves in lentils in one of the famous Andhra cuisine.Gongura pachadi/chutney is another one of their main recipe will try to post later.

King Fish Fry | Vanjaram Meen Varuval | Easy Fish Fry

king fish fry

I know i am irregular  in blogging now a days ,yes the two months December & January mostly i am busy with house hold work and also  another reason is  my daughter's exam.Yesterday while frying this king fish sudden thought came to click and post and hence writing.I usually make all fish fry like this only,so easy and tasty.

Gulkand Milkshake | Rose Petals Jam Milkshake | Summer Drink

gulkand milkshake

It was a bad day for me while shooting for this ,the board behind it fell on the a glass and milkshake it in spilled all over the cloth and room.But thank God  nothing happened to the other glass and also I already took pictures before it.Coming to the drink its just mixing up everything in a blender .The aroma of gulkand makes the drink exotic ,rich and pleasing.

Mango Lemonade | Summer Drink

Mango Lemonade with step by step pictures.

Summer and mango are inseparable.One can indulge in this lovely golden coloured fruit only in summer and if missed have to wait till next summer.Though i didn't try many new recipe with it this year i tried few basic ones to fulfill my soul for the passion of  cooking /blogging.

Vazhapoo Thoran | Banana Flower Sidedish

I rarely make this kootu/side dish at home because it is lightly has bitter taste and my kids refuse to eat it.But one must consider its health benefit and eat atleast once a a while.

Massi Curry | Dried Maldive Fish cooked in coconut milk | Side dish for Aapam /Idiyappam

maasi curry

Maasi /Dried Maldive fish  is one of the dried fish variety but doesn't smell like other dry fish one since this dried by smoked process.Its found in abundant in tuticorin area.You can stock it in your pantry as use easily in thoyagal as it taste excellent.

Vella Aval Puttu| Rice Flakes with Jaggery ( Video recipe)

Aval /Rice flakes itself a healthy super good food that can be had as a snack or as breakfast. Here I have used a thick variety of red rice flakes which is even more nutritious than white flakes. This method does not require any cooking of it and can be done in no time which is the best option for after school snacks. But if you doubt the quality of the jaggery make syrup and add to it. I have made that method in the video.

Posanikai Mor Kuzhambu | White Pumpkin Yogurt Gravy

Posanikai mor kuzhambu with step by step pictures and video.

An easy yogurt based gravy which doesn't require much time & ingredients but taste too good.This is mildly spiced and so a spicy side dish with potato make the meal awesome.Last week when my kids were at holiday due to rain I made this with for lunch and we all loved it to the core.

KFC Style Chicken Popcorn | Easy Homemade Chicken Popcorn

 My son is a die hard lover of chicken popcorn,when ever we got to any fried chicken retail outlets the first item he would order is chicken popcorn.I already have a chicken popcorn recipe in my space ,the difference between this and that is the exterior coating and some ingredients.To make the popcorn chicken look similar too that available in the outlets i coated it with oats & corn flakes.
Do try this method which looked exactly like the one available there.

Mango Yogurt Popsicle | Mango Recipe | Summer Treat

Mangoes are in season and I started shopping for it every week but the taste was not that good.Due to this my kids refuse having it as such .So when I bought them for the first time this season its only me who had to eat them all,But when I purchased it again I already set my mind to make some different recipe with it.

Plantain Stem Buttermilk | Vazhlathandu Moor | Summer Drink

Plantain Stem Buttermilk | Vazhlathandu Moor | Summer Drink

Plantain stem buttermilk with step by step pictures.The climate here in Chennai had slowly changed and we can feel the heat of the sun in midday.Although early morning/dawn, we can feel the cold weather afternoons are too sunny.As it is hot I felt its better to post a summer drink here.After making banans stem thoran I was left with a little piece of it which I made this buttermilk.

Murungakkai Thoran /Drumstick dish | Side Dish For Rice

Murungai keerai thoran with step by step pictures and Video.

I learnt this recipe after marriage only from my MIL. In my in-laws house they  use to make aviyal as often and if they have many drumsticks left behind they will make this. Drumstick  is highly valued vegetable mainly for its antibacterial, medicinal and cleansing properties.  Almost each and every part of the drumstick tree like  roots, bark, fruits, leaves,  flowers even the gums are  useful to mankind.

Try this simple  and easy dish with drumstick and serve for rice.

Mango Pachadi | Tamil New year Recipe

mango pachadi

Mango Pachadi/ mangaa pachadi who will say no to this tangy spicy one.Mostly this in the menu of festivals ,it is meant to have all tastes in it,that's  "arusuvai"-salt,sweet,sour,bitter,hot/pungent and astrigent(thuvarpu).when googled i found  that if making for tamil new year then saute some neem flowers in ghee and add to it.Try this pachadi and i am sure you will fall in love with it.

Chocolate Mousse ( no gelatin ,no agar-agar) | Easy Easter Dessert Recipe | Mousse Recipe

Hallelujah The saviour has risen, lets all sing praise and glory to The Lord. Happy Easter to one and all.On this special day i share with you an easy mousse recipe which i tried from here.I halved the recipe.My kids loved it.

Madras Mutton Curry | Spicy Lamb Gravy | Meat Recipe

Madras mutton curry

Mutton curry with step by step pictures.

We mostly take chicken and some times beef on Sunday while this mutton/lamb will peep in our menu on  some rare days. Last week when it was my son's birthday i prepared this mutton curry to pair it with appam and idiyappam, Oh ! what a try and I'm sure you will love this heavenly combo.

Pineapple Kootu | Side Dish for Rice | Pineapple Recipe

When i had a pineapple i want try a different recipe and came across this which is a combo of sweet,sour and spicy.With the grounded coconut added to it along with coconut oil used for tempering makes this dish to have flavors of kerala.One can just have this with hot steaming rice and curd/yogurt or rasam.

Choc- Peanut Butter Popsicle | Popsicle Recipe

Choc Peanut butter popsicle wit step by step pictures.

Ice cream or Popsicle is an apt treat for this scorching heat.In normal days ,I never drink ice cold juices or water but now automatically i long to have icy juices and creams.Best thing is that I started making more ice creams/popsicle for my hungry ,longing kids at home and they too just enjoying this delish summer treats.