Healthy Cupcakes | Vanilla Cupcakes with Cane Sugar

Healthy Cupcakes | Vanilla Cupcakes with Cane Sugar

Vanilla cupcake with step by step pictures.

Healthy vanilla cupcakes with unprocessed cane sugar. As many know white sugar is not good for health I have seen many people are changing to other sweeteners in the place of white sugar. So when I made this cupcake with unprocessed cane sugar I clicked and so blogging.

Horsegram Vada /Kollu Vadai

Horsegram Vada /Kollu Vadai

Horse gram vadai with step by step pictures.

I don't need to say about the benefit of horsegram, let me add few if you don't know about it.For people who are obese, this horsegram is a big gift. Try eating it more & you will lose weight. As the name says it gives horsepower/energy to us. I made it this evening and to say the true nothing was left for me to taste both my kids finished it.

Nethali Meen Thokku | Anchovies Fish Recipe | நெத்திலி மீன் தொக்கு | Video Recipe

Nethali Meen Thoku | Anchovies Fish Recipe | நெத்திலி மீன் தொக்கு  | Video Recipe

Simple and easy fish thokku.Here I have used anchovies fish but you can use any fish variety.Since my kids don't like that small fillets in this fish I removed it all but you can use it together.

Cabbage Kofta Curry | Side dish for Roti/ Chapathi (Indian Flat Bread)

cabbage kofta curry

Cabbage kofta balls curry with step by step pictures.

Kofta is nothing but fried pakora balls. One can make these deep fried balls with any vegetable. Just mix the grated or finely chopped vegetable with spices ,flours  and deep fried them .You can serve it as such for tea time snack.Lets us see how to make this

Cluster Beans Dish | Kothavarai Thoran | Side Dish for Rice

Cluster beans called as " kothavarai" is one type of beans variety which is rich in iron content.This os one vegetable I rarely buy and if aviyal  is one menu at home then it's necessary for this vegetable as this gives nice crunchy effect to the dish.sometimes I use normal french beans in aviyal but that taste differ.

Sweet Rava Pongal | Pongal recipe


Sweet rava pongal with step by step picture and video.

Pongal is celebrated on the first day of Tamil month " Thai". It is the harvest festival  celebrated in Tamil Nadu.On this day people make pongal with rice both sweet and savory version.For this year I made sweet rava pongal instead of rice.I do have some variety of pongal in my blog, you can check it out.

Barley Pongal | Healthy Indian Breakfast

Looking for some healthy breakfast recipe then try this barley pongal which is healthy,filling,tasty and easy to make.I got this recipe idea from here.While making i was little worried how my kids would like it or not, my daughter who is a best critic liked it very much.Barley has many health benefit  some are its very rich in fibre,great source of zinc,etc.One thing i would like to share is ,eat it hot ( not only this any pongal variety)to get the real taste of it.

Sugarcane juice Pongal | Karumbu charu Pongal

Sugarcane juice Pongal with step by step pictures and video

 Happy Pongal to all.

This is a regular Pongal in which sugar cane juice is added for sweetness instead of jaggery. It tastes so good when it is warm. Now is the time to make this as you will have leftover sugarcane from the festival. As I got just a cup of juice it was not able to give the sweetness, hence I added some rock candy.