Beef Pickle | Beef Recipe | how to make pickle in beef

beef picke

Beef pickle with step by step picture and video.

If you love beef then I am damn sure you will love this beef pickle too.This is my sister-in-law's recipe she makes it very tasty.I learnt it from her and tried to make it.In the same way you can also make prawn pickle.One main thing to do in this pickle making is frying the beef well. If nit fried well chances that the pickle will get spoil soon. Also for long shelf life keep refrigerated.

Dry Coconut Podi | Kopparai thogayal


Dry coconut/kopparai podi with step by step picture and video.

Kopparai is a dried coconut which has no water inside it. When we keep coconut for long time say 3-4months the water inside it will dry off automatically. We can make many recipes with that dried coconut. I usually carry some coconuts when I travel back from my native. There were two dried coconuts last time. I first tried with one to check how it would be. To my surprise it turned out great and so I made the same with the other dried coconut. It just few minutes to make it.

Ghee Rice / Nei Choru | Easy Lunch Box

ghee rice

Ghee rice with step by step pictures and video.

Ghee rice is one of the easiest rice type one can make and it suits with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian gravies.Try this easiest version

Methi Mattar Malai | Green Peas and Fenugreek Leaves in Cream Sauce | Side Dish for Roti/Naan

Methi mattar malai with step by step pictures and video

Methi mattar malai is a creamy north indian curry recipe made with fresh or dried fenugreek leaves, peas and cream. It is known for its combination of mild sweet ,spice and bitterness taste. It can be served for roti, chapathi or even jeera rice.

You can use either fried or fresh methi leaves. here I used dried one. If using fresh leaves leaves saute them in butter/ghee to reduce its bitterness and then add to it. For more rich version you can use frsh cream instead of milk.

Beetroot Puri/poori | Pink Puri | Colourful Breakfast

beetroot puri

Beetroot poori with step by step pictures and video

If your kids love puri then try to add some veggies to it make it colourful.T hey will love its colour and taste.My kids loved it a lot.

Eggless chocolate sheet cake | Valentine's Day special

Chocolate sheet cake with step by step pictures.

Happy valentine day wishes to all. Love is in the air and is found in everything, let us celebrate each day. On this lovely day, I am here with a special recipe of eggless chocolate sheet cake. As I didn' have sheet cake pan I just used my square pan. And for the icing, I just melted margarine, then added cocoa powder, icing sugar, essence, milk and whisked it well till it forms a smooth runny mix. Feel free o add butter in the place of margarine.

Strawberry Peda | Milk peda with Fresh Strawberry | Valentine Day Special

strawberry peda

Strawberry peda with step by step pictures.

Love is in air @};-, yes we can see almost in all places like media,news papers,commercials,etc and even this blogging spaces are loaded with new recipes relating to the day.When I was thinking what to make for this day I decided to make a milk sweet with strawberry.I had some strawberries left after I made that strawberry mousse . So I decided to make this fruit peda. This is a quick recipe which hardly takes 10mins. Do try this and joy the day with loved ones.

Choc chips Cookies | Valentine Day Special

Simple and melt in mouth choco chips cookies with step by step pictures.It had been months since I baked some cookies in my kitchen, so I decided to do one but this time with an ingredient I never tried before in cookies. Yes its egg, I have baked many cookies but never ever used eggs in it.This is my first try and the result product was soft ,yummy and just melted in our mouth.Within few minutes all of it got vanished and as I mom I was happy.

Mint Thogayal | Pudina Thokku for Rice

Mint thogayal with step by step pictures.

I love mint flavored dishes due to its refreshing aroma and different taste. My daughter also has started liking it and I make this mint rice once a fortnight for their lunch box. Whenever I buy a pack of fresh I always check for new recipes to make the most for the fresh mint. As most of the leaves wither soon which hurts me lots. In all my efforts I ended up throwing at least some bunches in the garbage.