Watermelon Iced Tea | Summer Drink

Its unbearable in Chennai as the temperature is soaring high i feel little irritate to do all house hold chores but now way i have do amidst all heating woes.Coming to this recipe which i made a month before for testing how is iced tea with fruits.To say the truth it was delicious.My daughter use to pick a brand's ready mix ice tea whenever we go for grocery shopping together,but i don't like that or never tasted it.After my adventure using fruits in it I'm totally addicted to it.Give a try this summer and remain hydrated.

Tomato Pickle | Tomato Thokku | Step by Step Pictures


Tomato pickle with step by step pictures and Video. 

Making pickle at home is quite interesting, healthy and easy.Thanks to this blogging world which has introduced me to different areas which I had never thought would happen and this pickle making is one such.Though pickles are easily available in all shops even with small quantity pouches we don't know whether its healthy as some preservatives could be unhealthy.So making it from starch at home without any preservatives is good for you family and try for some.

Therachi/ Thirukkai (Stingray Fish ) Kuzhambu | Step by step pictures.


Therachi fish kuzhambu with step by step pictures.

Therachi which is also known as Thirandai is a healthy fish that has medicinal values. In English, it is known as Stingray fish. We can make this fish in many ways like using coconut or without coconut, can roast spices, and make curry, or with coconut milk too we can make this curry. Each one makes it in their own way. Here we made by roasting the spices. Let us see how to make this.

Pazham Sarbath | KanyaKumari Special | Summer Drink | பழம் சர்பத்

If you have been to Kanyakumari district then you have come across this drink.This sarrbath will be found almost all streets there and people love having it.It only in that district one can get this red colored nannari synthetic concentrate.So whenever I go to my native I make sure I buy a bottle of it for me.

Ragi-Oats Ladoo | No sugar energy balls

Ragi ladoo with step by step pictures.

Healthy ragi aka finger millet ladoo with no sugar added in it. This sweet is a real energy booster as it has dates in it. When carving for sugar just have one ball of it which not only fulfills your sweet carving it also makes you feel energized. For the more sweeter version you can increase the number of dates. The oil from the groundnuts and sickness from the dates helps to make balls.

Kancheepuram Idli | South Indian Breakfast | Step by Step Pictures

Kancheepuram Idli with Step by Step Pictures

Kancheepuram Idli as the name says this idli/ steamed rice cake is famous and from the temple city in south India, Kancheepuram which is near Chennai. To be honest I have never eaten this idli before until I made it at home. When I was blank what to make for breakfast the next day this idli came into my mind. While searching I found out people use raw & boiled rice together along with some spice in the idli batter. Mix well and steam it.

Instant Ragi Dosa | Instant finger millet flour savory crepes

Instant Ragi Dosa | Instant finger millet flour savory crepes

Instant millet flour dosa with step by step pictures.

Instant dosa comes as a savior when we don't find time to grind idli/dosa batter or when clueless what to be cooked for breakfast/dinner. As millet flour is used init this dosa happens to be a healthy one. As I mentioned in my previous post, Kadamba chutney, I served this dosa with that chutney. Here I have used ragi flour but I guess you can use any millet flour in a similar way to make this dosa. If  I try with other flour sure I will write about it here.

Oats Buttermilk | Oats Mor | Oats Recipes

Oats buttermilk with step by step pictures.

Oats ,which is considered as a healthy cereal,helps to reduce cholesterol and is a apt cereal for weight watchers.The content of beta glucan,unique soluble fibre,make this oats a healthiest cereal grain.I got this recipe on the pack of a branded oats pack and tried it yesterday which turned out super tasty and healthy.

Sweet Corn Rice | Easy Lunch Box Ideas

sweet corn rice

Sweet corn rice with step by step pictures and video.

We all love to have boiled sweet corn with some butter and chat masala powder.My kids love them a lot.When i bought a pack of frozen corn i just don't want to make the same instead attempted to make a new recipe and that's this rice variety.We had it with a spicy non-veg curry so  yummy .Do give a try once as its very easy to make and you can even pack them for lunch box.

Strawberry Mojito | Non Alcoholic Mojito | Summer Drink

Mojito is nothing but a carbonated drink with dominating citrus flavor.Mostly in this drink alcohol is used but since here we don't prefer alcohol I just used soda water.You can make this drink with any fruit but citrus fruit really more punching and refreshing.

I already have lemon mojito recipe which is just a mix of lemon,mint and aerated drink.Here in this strawberry mojito I just have added  fresh strawberry with lemon juice and carbonated drink with soda water.Do check my raspberry fizz, gulkand milkshake,oats buttermilk , mango iced tea for some ideas to make summer drink for this scorching heat.