Fried Chicken - KFC Style | Chicken Recipe

Fried Chicken - KFC Style | Chicken Recipe

Today recipe is yummiest fried chicken that too KFC style means who will say no. Yes in my house it was a super hit and kids asked more pieces. Without much more lets go off to the recipe.

Butterscotch Cupcakes | Butterless Butterscotch Muffins

Today I am with an easy cupcake where I have used butterscotch chips. Whenever I go grocery shopping I buy many new products aiming to try new recipes but it never happen and many times the products near the expiry date I have to trash it out with heavy heart.Yesterday I trashed out my fridge with products that I never used, I feel guilty for wasting money.So I have decided not to buy any new products hereafter.

Homemade Gulkand / Rose Petal preserve | DIY

Gulkand  is nothing but  rose petal jam with many ayurvedic properties.While googling i found its very easy to make at home.Tried it and sharing .

Steamed Christmas pudding | Eggless pudding

Steamed Christmas pudding with step by step pictures.

At last, I did it, yes I want to make this steamed Christmas for a long time and I did it today. I referred many pages but many of it uses alcohol and eggs. I gathered some information from Sharmis passion and adapted my own way. I fully used atta and avoided white flour. Also instead of breadcrumbs, I used rusk powder. If using bread use fresh bread powdered in a mixer. The only time-consuming portion is the steaming part. My idli pot was not able to hold two pans to steam together. So it took 4 hours together to steam it,2 for each pan.