Yellow Pumpkin Dal Curry | Yellow Pumpkin Kootu

Yellow pumpkin kootu with step by step pictures. Yellow pumpkin is one vegetable which I rarely buy but I often get tempted by its all in the vegetable shop thinking about making halwa with it which never happened till date.When I buy it I would either make simple pumpkin kootu/Erissery without dal or add it to sambar to make hotel style sambar.

Radish Pachadi | Mulangi Thayir Pachadi | Radish Raitha

Radish Pachadi | Mulangi Thayir Pachadi | Radish Raitha

A simple recipe with radish which can be either served as side dish for any rice variety, plain rice or for any Indian flatbread.I got this recipe from a cookery show on a channel.The lady sauteed grated radish in oil and added it to whisked curd.Though I didn't watch from the beginning I guessed this must the process and did it.So simple and refreshing to have it for this summer.

Chicken Tikka | Stove Top Chicken Tikka | Chicken Recipe

It had been a long time since I made tikka at home.The last one I made was this paneer tikka  which was more than a year ago.Last month end was my daughter's birthday and I made it again this tikka but this time I made it on stove top.My son enjoyed it  a lot and asked me to make it frequent.Last Sunday I planned to make it to fulfill their wish with chicken.It very easy to make these tikka at home with very few ingredients.